Monday, June 16, 2008

What was I thinking?

So I'm not sure what I was thinking, maybe its because it was Father's Day, maybe its because it was such a nice day and we haven't had many of those, but I was outside way to long yesterday. Ben wasn't home for Father's Day and the kids and I were just hanging out around the house when I got a brilliant idea. I decided that for the first time in almost nine years of marriage I would mow the yard. It's something Ben has always taken care of. Even when he was going to be out of town on a long trip he would arrange for one of his brothers to come over and mow the yard(when they still lived in town). Well, yesterday I took it upon myself to get the yard work done. It was nice out so I decided I would do it in my bathing suit(bikini). So there I was in a bikini and flip flops mowing the grass. First I had to figure out how to start the darn thing, and in the process cut my finger. Then I had to figure how to lower the blade, and during that I burned my arm on the exhaust. GGGRRRRR. Once that was done, I was able to mow the rest of the yard but I had to stop and empty the bag every once in awhile and every time I did it got harder and harder to get it started again. The kids pointed out that Dad was better at starting the lawn mower, Duh! Of course he is. This was my first time! Growing up all I had to do was turn a key, we had a riding lawn mower and I think I used it twice.

After mowing the yard I just took off from there. I spread some grass seed where it was needed, we are trying to recover from some cement work and Ben playing on the excavator. then I went in the hose to do a load of dishes really quick and start a load of laundry. Then it was back outside. I put out the slip-and-slide for the kids and started pulling weeds. That didn't last to long, I decided I'd stop and pick up some weed and feed from the store after work today. Then it was off to washing the car. My car, my chore, this one wasn't for Ben, it was for me. After all that I decided that I deserved some relaxing time in the sun with a book. So I got my padded lawn chair out of the basement, set it out in a sunny spot, and started reading. It was great. It felt amazing. Not so much anymore. I look like a cooked crab, same color, exact same color, only a little tender. I had been outside from around 9:30 till 6:00. Not one dab of sunscreen. I don't usually do that, I'm usually the responsible one, oh well....... Good thing I always have Aloe in the house, and at work!

Then after coming inside I started dinner. After we were done eating I went to go turn off the stove, I had left it simmering and that was a bad idea. There was food stuck to the bottom of course. I was standing at the stove trying to get the gunk of the bottom and I had lifted my shirt of of my poor tummy to try and bring a little comfort and relief when I splashed some of the gravy from the recently still simmering pot onto my tummy. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! That hurt so bad. I can handle mild sunburn but when you get a cooking burn on top of your sunburn on top of a burn on your arm from that darn lawn mower, that was too much! It hurt so bad. I had to go to sleep with an ice pack on a burn that runs about 12 inches from rib to hip on my tummy. It still hurts today. Yea for flowy shirts that don't cling..... and yea again for Aloe!

Really, what was I thinking yesterday?

I love you Ben! You're a great Dad. Happy Father's Day. (Happy Day to my Daddy too!)


devri said...

That is soo sad, as my husband would put it, why don't you like yourself? I am so like that, I was cooking bent over the frying pan, and burnt my prego tummy, doc was freaked out as he measured my tummy, I hope you recover fast..

irmaJ said...

Better than on the boobs! I have a friend that was a presser in a dry cleaner and she was very big chested. One time she was working the press and her boobs got in the press and she hit the steam button. It's kinda like getting a mamagram plus steam. She had terrible burns and couldn't stand to wear anything for quite some time. Very painful and embarrasing.

Misty said...

Only you! =)