Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Okay today I had to try really hard to find something to be thankful for. This week work has SUCKED!!!!! Today has not been any different. ANYTHING that can go wrong has. I've been yelled at and talked down to. It has been miserable! But today is supposed to be Thankful Thursday and my husband had to remind me of something I am thankful for.

Tonight I get to play soccer! At this point, soccer has been the only thing getting me through the week. And I can't wait. An hour of running around sweating and getting all of my pent up anger out. The other team might really want to watch out for me today who knows what will happen. The only problem is, what do I look forward to tomorrow?

Oh, I just thought of one more thing. last week at the game they told me that there was an opening on the team and asked me if I wanted to be on the roster instead of just being a sub! OF COURSE I DO!!!!!! Yea, I'm on the team!

There it is, that is all I have in me for today as far as thankful goes. Hopefully next week will be better... :(

(My delete button stopped working!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH What Next?!?!?!?!?!)


samiam said...

Oh Cole sorry your week sucks. what are your plans for lunch? I brought something but I am easy...I can be talked into McD's!!!
Kick butt tonight and takes some names!

devri said...

come on, no children, you two find something better than McD's.. ok really, I am thankful for you cole, you are great I love stalking you and you never care I leave a comment.(at least you where never vocal about it yet!!)

As my 7 year old just said- Mom tell her to not let people yell at her, tell her to tell them, don't yell at me, I am a child of God, and do you know what Heveanly Father could do to you!!

Tiffany said...

well, you could be thankful that 4pm WILL come and you get to go home!! Hopefully lunch with the girls will help!!

Cole said...

Thank you so much Devri! I love that your daughter knows she's a Child of God and that she has such faith in his amazing power! That made me laugh, and I felt the smile all the way to my core. I really needed that pick me up!

samiam said...

We decided at lunch that you should tell that scarey old contractor what Devri's daughter said - I am a child of God, and do you know what Heveanly Father could do to you!! That will show him!! lol

Brits said...

Well, tomorrow you can be thankful that it's FRIDAY!

MiaKatia said...

Yeah hurray for soccer! Hope you were a rock star tonight. And congrats for getting on the team.

Misty said... I'm really offended! =) Just kidding. It was fun playing with you and hopefully this week goes better. And, what could be better than SCORING A GOAL during a crappy week!?!

Tiburon said...

Eek! Sorry for the crappy week! I hope that your weekend is better :)