Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again. The time that I get to devote to all those things that I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful that my husband, Ben, is home. I love how comfortable it is going to sleep with him laying next to me.

I'm thankful that Ben makes me laugh. I actually told him this last night. I am looking forward to all the years of laughter ahead of us.

I'm thankful for the rain. Without it the landscape here in Washington would not be as green and lush and beautiful as it is.

I'm thankful for National Parks. We have one so close to our home and I love that we can take the kids there and enjoy a large chunk of land that is being protected as it is but is still available for us to enjoy and spend time together as a family camping, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing.

I'm thankful for our home. Ben and I had our house built. We've been in it for a year and a half and it still amazes me that it is our house. But it has become more than just a house, as it should. It has become our home. Our sanctuary. Our quiet place. Our safe place. Our place of comfort. The place the you can go to when it seems the whole world is picking on you and you can feel calm, together, loved and peaceful. I am so thankful for my home.

I'll have to put a better picture of our home up later.


Tiffany said...

WOW!! You're soon-to-be deck looks great!!!

Tiburon said...

Love your house. Great list. Where in WA do you live? I am from there you know :)

Cole said...

I had picked that up from some of Tif's comments. I live way out in Seabeck. Otherwise known as the general Silverdale area.

Tiburon said...

Ahh right on. I grew up on Mercer Island. Moved here to Utah 11 years ago. I still get up there quite a bit - my whole family is there - in Issaquah and Bothell.

samiam said...

Love your house Nicloe. Love the 2 sided fireplace!

Tiburon, I lived on Mercer Island for a while growing up! I remember the park with the GIANT dragon?! Small world. P.S. I blurk you from Tiffany. =)

devri said...

OK so I feel left out on the whole WA issue, don't live there, but I have a new friend from there, does that count? I am thankful you showed us a photo of your house. Beautiful!!!!

irmaJ said...

I remember praying a blessing for you and Ben for your new home....good to see that you are feeling God's blessing and peace there!

MiaKatia said...

I love those huge windows they must be wonderful for the sun light! Love the new deck too and how great that your hubby is doing it himself.

Misty said...'re building a deck! Can't wait for the deck party!

Cole said...

How did you know I was planning a deck party? Of course you can come, everyone is invited!