Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A "Got to Share!"

A little while ago Kami had this little treat on her Friday Favorites. I had to re-share it with all of you. Katie is truly inspired, fun loving, quirky, and one of the most creative people I've "met" in the bloggerhood. That, or she REALLY needs to share.

She makes me smile. And I think she makes the world a better place. A happier world. A joyful world. A place I want to be a part of. I just want to give her


I would love to stumble across some of her projects!

I would LOVE to have her take my picture! (although Tiffany is quite talented as well)

Apparently, I'm not the only one who does dishes this way!

Seriously folks, this is one that you don't want to miss out on. It will surely brighten your day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two weeks ago.....again

So this two weeks ago is the week after last week's two weeks ago. If I would have started this last week it would have been titled "last week...." But now this two weeks ago is actually....

Dang , now I'm lost and confused....

Oh well, here it is. I guess if you have to be lost and confused Laguna Beach is the place to do it...

After a week of relaxing and a wedding I went a little further south. The best part, it was paid for and I got paid to be there. It was training for work.

The training was actually in Irvine, CA but I scored a sweet hotel right on the beach and it was so worth the whopping 15 minute drive.

The rooms aren't the largest things in the world. I stood at the corner of my bed and my hip touched the sink, but hey, I was right on the beach.

But there was the rooftop lounge. We hung out there lots. It was a great place to enjoy the sunset with an appetizer and your choice of refreshment. People may have been packed in like sardines but it sure was one happy tin of fish.

And the restaurant downstairs, WOW. So they serve "petite" sized portions. For petite prices. The best part, that means you can get portions of ALL the things that sound good on the menu. A $3 appetizer or three, shared between two people. A couple $10 entrees, and a $4 dessert. I was in Heaven. We ate there multiple times. It was GOOD! REALLY GOOD. If you and I were to roll in to town together I would take you there. My treat. Standing offer.

I had to sit in a classroom from 8-5 daily but as soon as we were out of class, happy bliss set in......There was the street to stroll down and shops and art galleries to stop and peek into. There were restaurants to discover. And there was the beach.

I played in the ocean. I raced the waves, dashing around the rocks. I ate some amazing food. I enjoyed the sunshine. I had a week, with no stress......

I watched this EVERY night--

On our last day we cruised on up to newport before heading to the airport and found my next house! There was this row of houses on a deep water channel with yacht after yacht tied up to a personal dock that led to patios, with amazing houses attached to the patios...these were not your standard bayliners, these were some NICE boats.

Someday....... Yeah, someday maybe I'll talk my Daddy into buying one.....House, boat, either on works for me.