Saturday, April 25, 2009

Overheard a T-ball game

From the father on the side of the field to the son standing on third base.

Hey, when you're out there you always pay attention to where the ball is. You watch the ball, you watch the bat. All the time. You hear me?


Look at me, smile. *taking picture*


It was so hard not to stare at the guy in disbelief and shake my head at him. And we wonder why kids get confused.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch out Provo, Here I come!!!

The quick count down has begun! I fly out on Wednesday! I will be there for almost five days of CHILD-FREE, women only, laughing till you pee, staying up late, eating great food, and oh yeah, uplifting days. Women's Conference here I come!

I haven't found a babysitter to stand in for tho one getting on the plane with me, who's grandma's house we are staying at. Thanks Jenae.

I haven't even thought about packing, let alone doing laundry so I have clothes to pack.

I have never had a fun trip away from the family with girls. EVER.

I have been talking to my cousins who attend BYU and planning on getting together.

I haven't been this excited in a long time.

I have been perusing the course catalog but not really reading anything.

I have been slightly flighty and distracted lately. Wait, lately.....?

I have been pretty sick lately.

I haven't been eating a whole lot.

I have been losing weight. :)

I haven't been able to fathom the wealth of new places to eat. Any ideas?

I have four days till freedom from "Mommy..........." starts!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tib, you wouldn't happen to have a free day comming up would you? you know, just to make Tiff serriously, insanely jealous? Although she did tell me if I came back with an autograph she'd be happy, happy, happy.
***Fair warning. I do not have a rental car and am staying st someone's house. That does not mean I'm homebound, I just might have to get creative. And I may or may not have a problem riding in a car with strangers, it all depends on how creepy they look....***

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Is this what it is going to take? I know you are out there... You told me that you are. You come, you look, you never say hello. You mention that you too have a blog, and you ask to put me on your side bar, yet I see no evidence of said blog, or of my new found status on your list....

I am calling you out. Send me an email, leave a comment, anything!!!!

Help me find you.

Don't make me start posting phone numbers, addresses, and vacation schedules or any thing else that unfriendly stalkers would know, since I have SO many.

Don't make me come find you, this is your first and last warning......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiffany!

She's a special woman.
She's one of those sisters that wasn't actually delivered by my mother.
She's a great Mom. She's an amazing example to me.
She's a loving, kind, giving person.
She loves me even with all my flaws and doesn't judge me.
She enjoys the little things in life.
She builds people up, and helps them love themselves.
When it comes to her family, don't mess with a momma bear.

She is my Tiffany.
My life is better for having her in it.
Love you. Happy Birthday!

Wearing my Heart on my Sleeve

Literally. Did I tell you guys I love this sweatshirt?