Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch out Provo, Here I come!!!

The quick count down has begun! I fly out on Wednesday! I will be there for almost five days of CHILD-FREE, women only, laughing till you pee, staying up late, eating great food, and oh yeah, uplifting days. Women's Conference here I come!

I haven't found a babysitter to stand in for tho one getting on the plane with me, who's grandma's house we are staying at. Thanks Jenae.

I haven't even thought about packing, let alone doing laundry so I have clothes to pack.

I have never had a fun trip away from the family with girls. EVER.

I have been talking to my cousins who attend BYU and planning on getting together.

I haven't been this excited in a long time.

I have been perusing the course catalog but not really reading anything.

I have been slightly flighty and distracted lately. Wait, lately.....?

I have been pretty sick lately.

I haven't been eating a whole lot.

I have been losing weight. :)

I haven't been able to fathom the wealth of new places to eat. Any ideas?

I have four days till freedom from "Mommy..........." starts!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tib, you wouldn't happen to have a free day comming up would you? you know, just to make Tiff serriously, insanely jealous? Although she did tell me if I came back with an autograph she'd be happy, happy, happy.
***Fair warning. I do not have a rental car and am staying st someone's house. That does not mean I'm homebound, I just might have to get creative. And I may or may not have a problem riding in a car with strangers, it all depends on how creepy they look....***


Rustin said...

I'M GOING, TOO!!! We have to get together! Who are going with?

Rustin said...

Wow...I'm under Rusty's account. He's not the one going I promise.

Devri said...

ok I see the important people are in your neighborhood!!!

Tib, whatevah- I live right near provo!!!!

I am way cooler than tib...

ok not really, but hey it was worth a shot right?

I'd even buy you your own pony!!

Devri said...

btw- not trashing tib, I heart her......Iwould love to meet her too!

Cole said...

Devri, really? You're there too? I have no problem sharing. We can all just find a place and time...I keep on hearing of this place called Cafe Rio? Is it close?

Brit-Of course! It's a long list. Did you see that Wendi P. is giving one of the lectures. Do you have my cell # still?

Tiffany said...


Randi said...

okay, you've made me jealous!

Misty said...

I was going to say...You TOTALLY have to go to Cafe Rio. My personal fave is the pork burrito, pinto beans with medium sauce enchilada style!

I would also hit up either Magelby's Fresh or Kneaders. When I was there they had all you can eat frech toast (texas toast style) or pancakes in the morning for breakfast for like $5 or something like that. So good!

That's definitely one thing I miss about Provo! Who all are you going with?

And, I thought it was kind of creepy Rusty was so excited to see you in Provo! haha!

MiaKatia said...

Have fun you goof ball ;) Want to tell me about the loosing weight? Tiff will tell if you don't ;)