Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Post #100!!!!

So this morning I knew what my post today was going to be about I was so excited and then I noticed that today it would be post number ONE HUNDRED, yeah it took me a while to get here but here I am. Yea!

SO...... Today when I was getting ready for work I decided today was the day to wear GIRL SHOES! (yes post 100 is about shoes, does it get any better than that?) Not only were there girl shoes but girl jeans and a girl top too! Watch out I'm braking out!!!!! My hubby saw my shoes tried to tell me I couldn't wear them, what if I had to go into an industrial area? I pointed out that my steel-toe shoes are conveniently under my desk. I have been wearing jeans and steel-toe shoes to work for 9 1/2 years. It feels so go to be able to be feminine for once. I haven't busted out the four inch heels, and I have plenty of those, I'm not quite brave enough for that yet, AND we have hard flooring not carpeting so walking through the office and down the hallway would be quite noisy. I did it once on my day off and felt so conspicuous that I went back out to my car to grab my flip-flops.
Next up, more jewelry, and more girl clothes. I could so get used to the office life, oh wait, I already am! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

First new desk gift!

So I have officially gotten my fist new desk gift. It came from the lovely Tiffany. Isn't that just like her? Always thinking of other people that girl just gotta love her.

Is everyone ready for this? Here it comes....

MINE. ALL MINE. HANDS OFF! Yeah, it is a pretty amazing red pen. The pen is red, the ink is black. It writes darn well too.

Side note on the desk gift line......

Honey, (I'm assuming someday you'll read my blog again and see this) if you ever wanted to send me flowers I am now be located here:

Bldg 900, 4th Floor, Rm 402

Naval Base Kitasp-Bremerton

Good Morning!

Morning from my new desk! Yup you heard me right, MY NEW DESK. They cleaned it off, wiped it down, and even pledged it! They just might like me....ya think? Now to decorate. What adornment should there be on my desk? I need to bring in pictures of kids, that is a must. I found this fun mug while traveling home from Houston that touted about being an Electrician, a plant maybe..........I don't know what will end up on my desk but I can almost guarantee that no matter what I end up collecting here and displaying, it will most likely end up under a few piles of paperwork, dishes and whatever else I plan on just setting down for a few minutes. Give me a week and I bet my desk goes from this.... (my desk looks alot like this one, for now)

to this.......

Actually, that is a bet that my mom wouldn't even make.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello From Houston!

Yup, you heard right. I'm in Houston, TX. I flew down here for the week to attend some training for some new test equipment we just bought. Fortunately I have company, a couple of the guys from the crew that I'm still working on (until I actually move upstairs to my new job) came down here too. It has been fun hanging out and having dinner and just being able to relax. Oh, yeah, the class is really interesting and I'm learning lots, you know since that's the whole reason for the trip........I do miss my family, it's not often that I'm away from them. But it is nice to be able to kick my feet up, watch tv and not have to worry about cleaning the bathroom or making the bed. (okay, you caught me, everyone knows I never make the bed, but I do clean the bathroom)

Well, the delivery guy from the chinese place just showed up with my hot fresh food that I don't have to share....mmm, my tummy is rumbling with anticipation!