Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm baaack....

At least I'm pretty sure I'm back. I've been feeling immensely guilty and thinking to myself...I really should catch up with my blogging..... So here I go. It's been a long year. I guess it's probably easiest to start with the freshest stuff first. But I should have a wealth of things to share for a while so I guess there is an upside for taking forever to get back in the habit.

Ben, the kids, and my parents made a trip down to Florida for a little Disneyworld action for a week. Then we went on a Caribbean cruise. More about all that another time.....but the best part about the vacation...We brought home one of the best souvenirs ever!

Sometime in early July we are expecting a new member to join our family! Which is slightly crazy since Ty will be turning 9 the month after this new one shows up. Ben and I are officially crazy! We are starting ALL over again. But this time, we will have a built in sitter, or two :) The one and only down side.....we have NO baby stuff left over from the first two. But i guess that's where we really get to benefit from being LDS and the constant flow of babies in our ward....I already have a crib lined up from a friend of mine. Thanks Jenae!

So let me say that even though I had wanted a baby for years and years and years, after everything that our family went through with me being in the hospital I learned that I needed to appreciate what I already had. I was good with the two health happy kids running through our house. I WAS DONE. I had come to peace with no more babies for our house. Then Ben had to go and stir the pot. He brought up the idea. I wasn't sure about it. It took me a whole three days to jump on the bandwagon...

We are so excited! The baby is all I think about. Day in and day out. Names, stuff we need to get our hands on, and all the amazing things our family has to look forward too! Fortunately pregnancies are fairly kind to me. I don't get too sick, however the nine AM hour is not my best friend. And the indigestion has started. I'm six weeks along, so there's plenty of time for queasiness, exhaustion, and dizziness thrown in for a little fun. I don't make it till nine at night very often seeing as how my last alarm of the morning goes off dark and early at 5:00 and I start work at 6. Right now I live for the weekends and sleeping in, and if I get the chance a five hour nap in the middle of the day is SO nice!