Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There are times when the human race completely lets me down. When I am brought to tears because of the heinous acts of others.

On Sunday, in a town near Seattle, four police officers were killed. Was it something flashy like a bank robbery, or possibly a drug bust gone awry? No. They were simply sitting in a coffee shop planning their work day, when a man walked in an started shooting the officers, no one else was targeted. The officers did their best to react, but all were lost there, trying to protect themselves and their community.

The person, or possibly better stated, the thing, that did this was injured in the onslaught but still escaped.

Of course there was a massive surge of help in the search, many police departments from around the area coming to defend their fallen sister and brothers.

This morning there was resolution. A police officer was making a "routine" traffic check. He discovered the car he was cecking was stolen and then spotted movement outside of the car. The shooter was there, shots were fired, the suspect was killed. He had one the guns from one of the slain officers with him.

Would I have loved to have seen him arrested and tried, Sure. Am I heart broken that it ended this way, Not at all. Do I feel like there has been justice, Yes.

Part of me is happy he didn't end up in prison. Cast in with deviants who would revere him for having been cold-blooded and heartless, for having harmed those who serve us daily and keep our towns safe. He may have ended up with the death sentence but he would have been a king among those who are confined to prison.