Monday, June 30, 2008


So, two completely unrelated stories from yesterday.

Yesterday after church I had to go in to work. The USS Stennis, one of our country's Aircraft carriers, was coming back home and one of the functions I preform at work is to supply power to ships when they come into the shipyard, yeah I know it's pretty cool. It's not all that exciting, we sit around and wait for someone to tell us to throw a switch.(There's more to the process than just that but I wont bore you with all the details) So while My co-worker and I were sitting there waiting to turn the power on we got to sit there and watch all the reunions. That part never gets old. We see wives in various stages of being dolled up, children running around playing, trying to stay entertained, mom's trying not to be driven crazy by their kids running wild and excited daddy is home..... Yeah, lots of chaos. Not to mention the clown wandering around making balloon animals, and the other clown painting faces , the big ol' bounce pirate ship(which I totally wanted to go on!), free hot dogs, music, and all other festivities that go along with families reuniting! Oh yeah, and it was HOT!!!!!!!!!! Really, hot, especially since we were sitting in a big metal box (van) who's AC wasn't doing the best to keep up. Anyway, we were still sitting there after the majority of the crowd had thinned out when a woman with a stroller stood off in front of us. After waiting for a bit her husband walks up and she pulls a gorgeous little girl out of the stroller and we watch this guy meet his daughter for the first time. He's holding her close and kissing her and then holds her up in the air above him and the whole time mom has her camera just snapping photo after photo. At this point I look over and my co-worker has this big dumb grin on his face, I chuckle and realize that I have the same dumb grin on my face. How could you not? Watching a dad meet his baby girl, really one of the best moments that I've shared with someone, even if they didn't know they were sharing with me.....

Then of course there are all the kids that can walk, or in this case run, up to moms and dads that have been out to sea for the past four months. It's so great to see all the love and excitement right there on peoples faces. Of course there are tears, not in my eyes but theirs. I had another co-worker of mine, Justine, who has been itching for her hubby to come home the entire trip. This was his first cruise of their married life together. I do think that she had the best outfit of all the women out there. I loved her shoes, and her dress, and her jewelry, all of it! It was alot of fun watching someone I know welcome home someone they love! Yea Justine, Baby makin' time! Was that TMI?

So the other story from yesterday. My daughter just recently discovered her baby teeth in my jewelry box. You know, because the Tooth Fairy gave them to me after she got them from Madison so that I could keep them. And that is what Ben told Ty after Madison told him all about it. Apparently Madison told Ty this about a week ago. Saturday night Madison and I were in the car by ourselves and she wondered out loud how much molars were worth. I told her the Tooth Fairy would know but she only comes if you believe in her. Mom's stop reading out loud if your small children are in the room.... She told me at that point that I was the Tooth Fairy and she loves me and believes me....... I laughed and had to call Ben to share with him what she had just said. Then we had a talk. I asked Madison if she enjoyed the surprise of the Tooth Fairy. She said yes. I told her Ty deserves that surprise and fun. I told her she better not tell her brother.

I found out last night that our conversation was too late! She had already shown Ty the teeth and told him. Ben did damage control. Ty still believes. But then Ben told me that Ty said "wouldn't it be crazy if Madison told me that Jesus wasn't real?"

Kids. Can you believe the things that come out of their mouths?

Friday, June 27, 2008

WARNING!!! Disclaimer Ahead!

I would just like to say now that when I use the term "Best Friend" I am not using it loosely. Nor am I saying that any "Best Friend" is better than any other "Best Friend". I just happen to be one of those lucky people that has been blessed to have more than one "Best Friend". I have some I see more often that others. I have some I talk to more often than others. But I hold each and every one of them very, very, very close to my heart!

Now that I have that out of the way I would love to share another one of my Best Friends with you. (And no this is not out of guilt Misty, I was just waiting for the right time!) That's right, it's Misty. I have known her since I was eight, hmmm, that's about 18 years now. She is a friend that no matter how much time we spend apart, we always pick right back up where we left off. She is also the friend who doesn't outcast me because I'm so bad at picking up the phone or coming over to visit even though she's been back in town for years now. BAD ME!!!!! She is such a good friend that she even named her son after my son, Tyler. Just kidding, but they are both named Tyler and I think it's great that me and my Best Friend have sons with the same name. If the kid is a Tyler, he's a Tyler, you just can't fight that. It'll make calling the boys back to where ever we are together pretty easy, it's actually quite convenient.

One of the reasons I love Misty so much is she's not afraid to run around and sweat with me. She's up for anything, she'll go play behind a boat, go hiking(not that we've done that in a while, a long while), and then there are sports. Misty is always up for some friendly, or not so friendly :) competition. I can always count on her for that. She is too much fun! She is on the indoor soccer team that I play on and last night we had a great time. We lost but we had a great time! I scored my first real goal ever! Not like the last one that counted for the other team. I legitimately scored. There were defenders and a goalie and the point went up on the scoreboard and everything! And there was Misty, ready to give me a high five and a "good job Cole"! I was so glad right then that I wasn't around a bunch of people I didn't know. Misty also scored last night, we were both down by the goal and she knocked one in. Now, neither of our goals were lasers or power shots, but they went in and on the board that is all that matters. I love that we have something like that we can share. Misty grew up playing soccer and I have to admit that I'm jealous of how she just knows what to do. She did earn it with all those years of practice and I hope someday I can be there, I'm just not there yet. Maybe she has a few tricks she can teach me.

So , I love playing soccer with her, but I also love just sitting down and talking with her. We can talk for hours about nothing and everything. I can say anything and while it my be shocking, she is never judging of me and always loving. She is always there and that is a comfort in itself. I know that I can call her out of the blue and she would know if something were wrong with me just by talking to me. I love how she is the daughter my dad always wanted. When I got my first speeding ticket shortly after getting my licence, I called her. I asked her if she would call my dad and tell him. I knew that if she told him he wouldn't get mad at her and he would have time to simmer down until I got home. She called. It was great. That is what Best Friends are for! To help you out when you really need it. And in high school, I could always count on my parents letting me go and do something if they knew Misty was going to be there.

Hey Misty, I'm pretty sure my Dad still owes you that trip to Disneyland. We should really make him pay up!!! I'm pretty sure he would still pay to take you there too :) He's got a real soft spot in his heart for you! We all do. I love you Misty!

As Weezer says in My Best Friend

When everything is wrong I'll come talk to you
You make things alright when I'm feeling blue
You are such a blessing and I wont be messing
With the one thing that brings light to all of my darkness

You are my best friend And I love you, and I love you
Yes I do There is no other one that can take your place
I feel happy inside when I see your face I hope you believe me
Because I speak sincerely
And I mean it when I tell you I need you

You are my best friend
And I love you, and I love you
Yes I do I'm here right beside you I will never leave you
And I feel the pain you feel when you start crying

You are my best friend And I love you, and I love you
Yes I do
You are my best friend And I love you, and I love you
Yes I do Yes I do...Yes I do

(That's the song that I was playing last night)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Okay today I had to try really hard to find something to be thankful for. This week work has SUCKED!!!!! Today has not been any different. ANYTHING that can go wrong has. I've been yelled at and talked down to. It has been miserable! But today is supposed to be Thankful Thursday and my husband had to remind me of something I am thankful for.

Tonight I get to play soccer! At this point, soccer has been the only thing getting me through the week. And I can't wait. An hour of running around sweating and getting all of my pent up anger out. The other team might really want to watch out for me today who knows what will happen. The only problem is, what do I look forward to tomorrow?

Oh, I just thought of one more thing. last week at the game they told me that there was an opening on the team and asked me if I wanted to be on the roster instead of just being a sub! OF COURSE I DO!!!!!! Yea, I'm on the team!

There it is, that is all I have in me for today as far as thankful goes. Hopefully next week will be better... :(

(My delete button stopped working!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH What Next?!?!?!?!?!)

Tag, I'm it!

So Devri Tagged me! For those of you reading this know that your names may very well be at the bottom of this post to carry on the game!

  • I love my children of course! They do bring so much joy into my life!
  • My garden! There is something about pulling out all of those pesky weeds and having total control over that. Then there is the watering, I love just standing there watering my garden it is so relaxing.
  • Sunny days! I am a sun worshiper. If the sun is out I am in it.

3 Fears

  • Okay, here's a silly one. I really don't like dark bathrooms, they just completely weird me out!
  • Missing out on my kids youth. I work, I have a babysitter. I'm just afraid that my kids are missing out on having me there, being around them and sharing those memorable moments. The memories they carry with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Here's one that most people don't know, I'm truly afraid of rejection. I out myself out there alot, and every time I do I just wait for the big let down of not being good enough..........whew, that one actually feels good to get out!

3 Goals

  • The previously post about raising my kids to be strong, independent, kind people. You'll have to go read that one if you already haven't!
  • Being able to play soccer again. Right now I'm out there running around, but I want to contribute. I don't want to be someone they tolerate on the field. I want to be a force to be reckoned with!!!!
  • Save up enough money to buy a boat. My family had a boat growing up and that is something I want to share with my kids. So many memories came from boating trips!

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

  • I LOVE GIRAFFES! I have a giraffe room.
  • I LOVE SHOES! You should see my closet (After I clean all the laundry out!)
  • My weekly soccer games! I look forward to next week's game as soon as I get done playing the current game.

3 Random Surprises

Gee, that's a hard one.....

  • For those of you who don't know me too well, I love drinking milk and reading a book in the tub, for extended periods of time. My Hubby thinks that I'm weird, I think I just know how to relax.
  • I slept with a teddy bear up until I had my first kid. After that the only reason I didn't is because if I was holding my teddy subconsciously my body would think it was Madison and I wouldn't sleep as deep. ( I still have that teddy bear.)
  • A week before my wedding I had a nightmare, it was really bad. I crept put of my room scared, because I was still afraid from the dream (it had to do with BAD people outside of my house), and snuck across the landing to my parents room. I went in and climbed into bed on my mom's side and snuggled up with her. I told her I had had a bad dream and she snuggled right up with me. Ben LAUGHED so hard when I told him about this one!

Okay now for the fun part! Five of you lucky people are about to be tagged.....Here it comes!

Andy, Tiffany, Tiburon, Jenni, and Stef!

So I tried to share the wealth and make it easy for all of you to have plenty of people to chose tag, you're it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family outings!

On my birthday, we went as a family and had some good fun at the park. Well, Ben chased the kids around and I got to read a book in the sunshine and just relax. Then we stopped and got ice cream on the way home. One of the routes we take home from town (we live so far out there are multiple ways to get there) takes us past a Bald Eagle feeding area. The kids and I had stopped a previous day and there were 13 eagles sitting out looking for food and bathing. This day there were 26 out there for us to enjoy! So we just pulled over and checked them out for a bit. I had my camera in the car so we were able to share the moment with everyone!

There are a couple young ones out there but they blend really well into the expanse of oysters.

After stopping and watching these amazing birds for a while we piled back in the car and set off on way home again. But just down the road we came to another wide spot in the road where there happens to be more beach (Seabeck Marina for those of you who know) so we stopped again. This time the kids got to go out rock flipping. And where there are rocks to be flipped there are crabs and shells to be found!

Tyler found a dead crab.
And Madison found a muscle.
I love how I can tell my kids apart just by looking at their hands! It amazes me! The differences in subtle things like their hands and the the way they hold them.

I found an eel! Tyler carried it back to the water with me. Ben thinks stuff like that is gross, I think he's weird, but I love him!

So we had a lot of fun exploring the shore if only for fifteen minutes or so. Ben went over to an old cement culvert and there was quite a bit of sea life there for the kids to check out. There were starfish and crabs galore!

It was a great day the kids even had fun hamming it up for the camera!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here is another post for my Bloomin' Tuesday. These aren't the flowers I planted but I do get to enjoy them every day. More Dasies and Foxgloves...I was loving my camera and playing with all the stuff it can do!

Bloomin' Tuesday

Yea! Bloomin' Tuesday already. Here are some pictures of my latest addition to my garden, and one of my favorite additions so far! Freesia! I love the way it smells. I just stand there and look at my garden and that wonderful aroma just finds it's way to me! I can't believe it took me this long to get some for my garden!
My Hydrangeas are starting to blossom and when I saw this I thought of little girls in white and blue dresses with ribbons and eyelet lace. Don't ask me why I thought of that, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I was checking out my garden.
And then there are those busy little bees that contribute so much to the beauty around the house that just don't get enough credit. This guy was almost posing for me!

This one the Humming birds just can't stay away from!

One of my Gerber Daisies. I have six different colors but this is the one that is really going off right now, the others are getting ready.

And here is a shot where you can see most of the plants in my front garden.

And as always, go visit Ms. Jean for more shots of blossoms from around the country!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today I'm thankful that my husband is home. I think I've been thankful for him every week so far, is that wrong?I am also thankful that he got a promotion yesterday. He started of the day a Work Leader-some one who watches over fellow employees while the supervisor is M.I.A.- and ended the day one of those supervisors! That means that he shouldn't be traveling as much (&~~ that is me crossing my fingers.) until they decide to send him out of town for 3-6 months at a time. &&&&&&& ~~once again, crossing my fingers..... Anyway.

Congratulations Supervisor Godsey!!!!!

Okay, Another thing I'm thankful for is a special friend of mine who almost daily reminds me of so many things that I'm thankful for, or at least should be thankful for :) She is loving and kind. She is so giving of her time and her heart. She is always there when I need her, and if she's not right next to me she always answers her phone.....even when she shouldn't (she knows what I mean). I love her! it amazes me how quickly someone can be permanently implanted into your heart and soul. She has been. So are you all ready to hear who this awesome gal is?????


I would say she's mine all mine and I wont share, but then the world would be missing out on a great treasure. For all of you who already know her, you know I only speak the truth. For those of you who have not been graced by her presence, there are only good things to come from getting to meet this true jewel of a person. Tiff, I love you!

Here's a little something just for you! myspace graphic comments


Sam, here is another opportunity for us! And, everyone else who would like another chance at one of Amy's aprons. Over at Over The Tipsy Top Design they have gotten their hands on one of her aprons and entries are being taken! Hurry on over because they are pick a lucky, lucky winner tomorrow!

Be sure to check out all their other stuff, it's mind boggling! Irma, there is so much pink and fru-fru, the girly part in all of us is sure to fall in love instantly!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More free stuff, A little Hawaii!!

Just so you know, Mindi brought home little trinkets of love from Hawaii that she is just dying to share with someone! Stop on by and check it out!

What is your role in this World? I know mine!

This one comes thanks to Lindsay. She inspired me this morning! Thank you for putting things in perspective for me Lindsay!

One of my roles in life, because I'm sure we all have more than one, is to raise my kids and help them have a childhood filled with as much joy and love as I had.

My Mom and Dad raised a strong, independent, confidant young woman. If I can only do half as good as they did I will be excited.

My goal is to instill the confidence that Madison and Tyler will need to get through their adolescent years and be able to know that just because their friends, or people they want to be friends with, think something is a good idea they have their own thoughts and their own choices to make and they shouldn't let anyone do that for them. I want them to be strong, free, independent, proud, happy, loving, caring, thought provoking individuals. I want them to be leaders, not followers. I want them to set the standard that others are going to strive to reach. But I still want them to be humble and approachable. I want them to be people their friends can turn to when they need strength and support. People someone can confide in and trust. I want my children to exude love and hope to the world. I want them to leave trails of joy wherever they may stride through life. I want them to be the people that others look to for strength and guidance.I hope that someday they will be pillars in their communities, maybe not the entire town or state, o world, but at least the lives of the people they do know and come in contact with on a regular basis. I want them to know true love in their life and I hope that Ben and I can be an example of what to look for in a partner. That way they can find someone who will magnify the strength, love, and drive that I know is in them.

That, I think is my true role in life. I do believe that I have many others, but that is the one I hold nearest to my heart... I feel that if all of this is the only thing I accomplish in my life I will have succeeded!

Madison and Tyler, I love you. I always will, no matter what choices you make. Just know that you will always be the joys of my life and I will always be your mom. I will here for you when you need me, I will comfort you when you need to cry, I will laugh at all the kooky things you do, I will cheer louder than all when you try your best, and I will party like no other when it comes time to celebrate you guys!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

I think this might be one of my favorite days only because I get to celebrate flowers! I love all of the plants that I have have planted and also the ones God has decided to bless me with surrounding my house. I figured what better way to share them with you guys!

Now showing at my house:

And a few blasts from the past (Last year):

Bachelor Button, a pretty little pink flower :), and Baby's Breath, all thanks to a few different wild flower mixes.

And I think one of my all time favorite flower shots.....................a white poppy. I surprised myself with this one!

For those of you who just can't get enough, Ms. Jean has links on her blog to other people who have Bloomin' Tuesday Posts!

Don't Cook Naked!

Okay so I'm not sure how long I will be willing to leave a picture of my tummy up on the Internet for the world to see but here is a picture of my burn. It was taken this morning and the burn happened Sunday night. It is not as red and angry looking as it was the other day(thanks to the Aloe!) but you can at least get an idea of the pain I had that night..... Okay here it goes, me and my flesh posted for all of man to point and laugh at.......

For those of you who did not get to see the picture of my tummy with the burn on it:


You're too late, I have had a picture of my gut posted for the world to see long enough!

Yeah it's pretty impressive. The Burn, not my flat, rock hard abs that I know you are all drooling over. It goes from two inches below my bra all the way down to my hip. And yes the moral of the story is DON'T COOK NAKED, or in my case, semi-naked! Oh, and thank you Sam for your amazing photography skills!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What was I thinking?

So I'm not sure what I was thinking, maybe its because it was Father's Day, maybe its because it was such a nice day and we haven't had many of those, but I was outside way to long yesterday. Ben wasn't home for Father's Day and the kids and I were just hanging out around the house when I got a brilliant idea. I decided that for the first time in almost nine years of marriage I would mow the yard. It's something Ben has always taken care of. Even when he was going to be out of town on a long trip he would arrange for one of his brothers to come over and mow the yard(when they still lived in town). Well, yesterday I took it upon myself to get the yard work done. It was nice out so I decided I would do it in my bathing suit(bikini). So there I was in a bikini and flip flops mowing the grass. First I had to figure out how to start the darn thing, and in the process cut my finger. Then I had to figure how to lower the blade, and during that I burned my arm on the exhaust. GGGRRRRR. Once that was done, I was able to mow the rest of the yard but I had to stop and empty the bag every once in awhile and every time I did it got harder and harder to get it started again. The kids pointed out that Dad was better at starting the lawn mower, Duh! Of course he is. This was my first time! Growing up all I had to do was turn a key, we had a riding lawn mower and I think I used it twice.

After mowing the yard I just took off from there. I spread some grass seed where it was needed, we are trying to recover from some cement work and Ben playing on the excavator. then I went in the hose to do a load of dishes really quick and start a load of laundry. Then it was back outside. I put out the slip-and-slide for the kids and started pulling weeds. That didn't last to long, I decided I'd stop and pick up some weed and feed from the store after work today. Then it was off to washing the car. My car, my chore, this one wasn't for Ben, it was for me. After all that I decided that I deserved some relaxing time in the sun with a book. So I got my padded lawn chair out of the basement, set it out in a sunny spot, and started reading. It was great. It felt amazing. Not so much anymore. I look like a cooked crab, same color, exact same color, only a little tender. I had been outside from around 9:30 till 6:00. Not one dab of sunscreen. I don't usually do that, I'm usually the responsible one, oh well....... Good thing I always have Aloe in the house, and at work!

Then after coming inside I started dinner. After we were done eating I went to go turn off the stove, I had left it simmering and that was a bad idea. There was food stuck to the bottom of course. I was standing at the stove trying to get the gunk of the bottom and I had lifted my shirt of of my poor tummy to try and bring a little comfort and relief when I splashed some of the gravy from the recently still simmering pot onto my tummy. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! That hurt so bad. I can handle mild sunburn but when you get a cooking burn on top of your sunburn on top of a burn on your arm from that darn lawn mower, that was too much! It hurt so bad. I had to go to sleep with an ice pack on a burn that runs about 12 inches from rib to hip on my tummy. It still hurts today. Yea for flowy shirts that don't cling..... and yea again for Aloe!

Really, what was I thinking yesterday?

I love you Ben! You're a great Dad. Happy Father's Day. (Happy Day to my Daddy too!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seaweed & Buterflies

Last night after bed time Ty wandered into my room last night. And you know that it had to be important or he wouldn't risk being out of bed after bed time. (right?) Well he was actually working on getting a spot on my bedroom floor, who knew? The conversation went as follows:

Tyler: Mommy are you allergic to dogs?
Me: Yes.

Tyler: Mommy are you allergic to Katie and Bailey?

Me: Yes. (I'm also allergic to our pet bunny Cocoa)

Tyler: Are you allergic to cats?

Me: Yes.
Tyler: Then what am I allergic to?

(He might be allergic to grass but I'm still trying to figure that one out...)

Me: I don't know Ty.

(I don't want to put any ideas in is head and give him a complex.)

Then there is a slight pause for thought on his part...................

Ty: I know what I'm allergic to. Seaweed and Butterflies.

Me: Really? Hmmm. Okay, go to bed.

(He was going to bed on the child size park bench sitting in my entry way right out side my bedroom door.)

Ty: Okay. On his way out the door--Jacob is allergic to grass and he plays soccer.

I had to write down on the daily crossword lying next to me in bed seaweed & butterflies, just so I wouldn't wake up in the morning and think it was a dream. I think that is one of the funniest things he's said in a while. It's always so amusing because you know that he's been sitting there giving it his thought and putting everything together before he shares it with you.

(pics courtesy of our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo)

A couple of weeks ago we were in the car on the way home talking about where different meats come from. How hamburger and steak come from cows. And sausage and bacon and ham and of course pork chops come from pigs. I then told them how my family once bought half a cow and half a pig (at different times) and had the meat in the freezer. How it was yummy and you could just run out and get what ever you wanted. Tyler then announced that we needed a cowpig. A cowpig? Yes he was being silly but it went beyond that. He was witty. I just had to smile and be proud of my charming, witty little boy. Okay he's 5, almost 6, not so little any more.... :(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now we're in trouble.....

So I've done some research....I googled it! Apparently we are the proud parents of an Endangered Species. Our owl just happens to be a Northern Spotted Owl. Here is a picture I found online. There seems to be an uncanny resemblance to my picture.....

My Pet Owl

When our family got home from dinner last night, around 7:30, I saw an owl sitting in a tree right outside of our garage door. He was gorgeous! AND, he just sat there and let me snap away. He would sit there and watch me as a walked around him taking pictures. The kids thought it was hillarious how his head would turn around all the way. I have to admitt it was pretty impressive to see that. It looks just like the Owl in Bambi....what's his name again? Here are a few of the shots that I got last night.

Any one know what type owl it is?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

I snagged this little treat from Suzanne. What better way to start the day than with some pretty flowers. I don't have pictures of my own flowers for you today but I do have some pictures that I took while my family was on vacation in Florida last October/November. I won't share all of them with you today because I have quite a few!