Monday, June 9, 2008

My Favorite Monday

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my Dad, Kids, and one of my Grandpas. I think it's so perfect that we live near family! My really is the best Grandpa! Madison and Ty are also lucky enough to have the best Great Grandpas ever!

More Favorites for Monday

I love chocolate, but not just any chocolate. I don't like milk chocolate. I Love Dark Chocolate. The darker, the better. Now how does this tie into my favorite monday? Of course I'm going to tell you what my favorite chocolate is, in detail.


The Dark Ganache Bliss. Bliss is right, no matter how my day is going, if just have one of those, everything else doesn't matter, my day is better.

Then there is the Extra Dark Chocolate Truffle, Dark chocolate surrounded by more dark chocolate rolled in cocoa powder.

Can't forget the Dark Lion of Belgium. Dark chocolate with a creamy butterscotch caramel in the middle that just oozes when you bite into it.

And the one that makes the milk chocolate acceptable, the Hazelnut Praline Truffle, it's the hazelnut and the praline that I just can't resist.

My husband knows that when we go on a date and we visit Westlake Center, or any shopping center that has a Godiva, that we WILL be stopping to make a purchase. The best part about getting a box of chocolate is Ben doesn't like dark chocolate! I know I can't believe it either. At least I know he'll stay away from my favs. Between the two of us we finish of a box quite nicely, with out any fighting over who gets what. :)


irmaJ said...

Add Barnes and Noble to your places to pick up your favorite chocolate!

Tiburon said...

Super fantastic pics! Thanks for playing.

Oh, and thanks for helping me gain 5 pounds - just reading about all that chocolate :)

MiaKatia said...

Dad's are the best! Love the pictures.