Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have to pat myself on the back, and share my good news for mommy from yesterday.

It's hard being a working mom. There are times where it is SO hard to send your child off to daycare while you run off to work. A couple months ago I was having a rough day and really beating myself up over Kindergarten show-and-tell. It was "R" week. Ty wanted to bring in his pet rrrRabbit for show-and-tell. His teacher was okay with it. His babysitter couldn't bring the rabbit to school for him, she had to take her son to pre-school. My grandma didn't really want to drive out to my house, pick up a rabbit, take it to the school for ten minutes and then take it all the way back out to my house. So Ty did not take rabbits to school. I had more of a problem with it than he did. Instead he took three rrrRed rrrRaptors, he was fine.

Well, on Monday, while I was grocery shopping Ty kept on asking for four dollars. He was very insistent about it. There was a book that was FOUR dollars. When I got home I decided I could top FOUR dollars, I could do TEN dollars, EACH. I put bills in my hand, ten in each, and told Ty to pick a hand. He was so excited to see the money, so was Madison. I told them that if they found something they liked, they could buy it but they didn't HAVE to spend ALL the money, yeah right. Tyler and Madison both came home happy the next day, so excited to share their finds with me. I love books and I'm so glad that my children are developing the passion that I have. Ty even came home with a receipt and change. A whole nickel.

Later that night, When Ben called to say good night, Ty was telling Ben about all of his books and the next words out of Ty's mouth were music to my ears!

He told Ben that he was the only kid in his entire class that got to go and get something from the Bookfair! He was so proud to bring home books that he had chosen all by himself! I felt so good that I had enabled the kids to go have that special treat. I'm also so glad that my children are having fun reading.


Tiffany said...

Great job! We need good mommy moments every now and then!

samiam said...

Working moms ROCK! and so do the Working at home moms too. We are all awesome!

MiaKatia said...

You guys do so much as working moms and I am really proud of the three of you. Congrats on the sweet moments with your kids. I love reading and hope my kids love it too.