Monday, June 30, 2008


So, two completely unrelated stories from yesterday.

Yesterday after church I had to go in to work. The USS Stennis, one of our country's Aircraft carriers, was coming back home and one of the functions I preform at work is to supply power to ships when they come into the shipyard, yeah I know it's pretty cool. It's not all that exciting, we sit around and wait for someone to tell us to throw a switch.(There's more to the process than just that but I wont bore you with all the details) So while My co-worker and I were sitting there waiting to turn the power on we got to sit there and watch all the reunions. That part never gets old. We see wives in various stages of being dolled up, children running around playing, trying to stay entertained, mom's trying not to be driven crazy by their kids running wild and excited daddy is home..... Yeah, lots of chaos. Not to mention the clown wandering around making balloon animals, and the other clown painting faces , the big ol' bounce pirate ship(which I totally wanted to go on!), free hot dogs, music, and all other festivities that go along with families reuniting! Oh yeah, and it was HOT!!!!!!!!!! Really, hot, especially since we were sitting in a big metal box (van) who's AC wasn't doing the best to keep up. Anyway, we were still sitting there after the majority of the crowd had thinned out when a woman with a stroller stood off in front of us. After waiting for a bit her husband walks up and she pulls a gorgeous little girl out of the stroller and we watch this guy meet his daughter for the first time. He's holding her close and kissing her and then holds her up in the air above him and the whole time mom has her camera just snapping photo after photo. At this point I look over and my co-worker has this big dumb grin on his face, I chuckle and realize that I have the same dumb grin on my face. How could you not? Watching a dad meet his baby girl, really one of the best moments that I've shared with someone, even if they didn't know they were sharing with me.....

Then of course there are all the kids that can walk, or in this case run, up to moms and dads that have been out to sea for the past four months. It's so great to see all the love and excitement right there on peoples faces. Of course there are tears, not in my eyes but theirs. I had another co-worker of mine, Justine, who has been itching for her hubby to come home the entire trip. This was his first cruise of their married life together. I do think that she had the best outfit of all the women out there. I loved her shoes, and her dress, and her jewelry, all of it! It was alot of fun watching someone I know welcome home someone they love! Yea Justine, Baby makin' time! Was that TMI?

So the other story from yesterday. My daughter just recently discovered her baby teeth in my jewelry box. You know, because the Tooth Fairy gave them to me after she got them from Madison so that I could keep them. And that is what Ben told Ty after Madison told him all about it. Apparently Madison told Ty this about a week ago. Saturday night Madison and I were in the car by ourselves and she wondered out loud how much molars were worth. I told her the Tooth Fairy would know but she only comes if you believe in her. Mom's stop reading out loud if your small children are in the room.... She told me at that point that I was the Tooth Fairy and she loves me and believes me....... I laughed and had to call Ben to share with him what she had just said. Then we had a talk. I asked Madison if she enjoyed the surprise of the Tooth Fairy. She said yes. I told her Ty deserves that surprise and fun. I told her she better not tell her brother.

I found out last night that our conversation was too late! She had already shown Ty the teeth and told him. Ben did damage control. Ty still believes. But then Ben told me that Ty said "wouldn't it be crazy if Madison told me that Jesus wasn't real?"

Kids. Can you believe the things that come out of their mouths?


MiaKatia said...

Kids think that is for sure. I love the story of the sailors coming home. You may not have been teary eyed, but I was.

devri said...

I love the story well written, and made me shed a water drop. I also think the tooth story is all too funny, my 10 year old still is a firm believer in all the majic people (santa, toothfairy, name it she believes)..

irmaJ said...

I am the same way at the airport. I love watching people reunite. I get all teary and I don't even know them. My son wrote the most amazing blog about how a child believing in the tooth fairy and Santa etc taught him an amazing lesson about faith. His blog link is on my page. It really made me rethink my views. Wow, for him to say that comment about believing in Jesus.... that's heavy duty. I hope you reinforced his faith.