Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's the Scoop!!!

I GOT THE JOB!!!!! Yea me! technically I haven't gotten the phone call at home but they announced last week that they had made selection and that I was one of them!!!! YEA!!!

So I'm sorta anxious. I love the job I have now and I know I'm going to miss it but this new job is career changing. It takes me from the toolbag lugging blue collar world to the warm desk white collar world. I'll be involved in a lot of decision's in years to come at work and in a few years there are going to be quite a few key players retiring.........

So I have to run but I'll get you more details about the job later!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I swear, that must have been the worst fifteen minutes of my life. Yup, fifteen whole minutes that were palm sweaty, stomach bubbly, ants in my pants terrible. Fortunately both of the interviewers know me since I have worked for them before. Well, I guess from here out I cross my fingers and wait for the phone to ring, maybe it'll ring tonight........I'll let you all know as soon as I do.

Just a little extra tid-bit. This new job good be very good for my existence in the bloggerhood! (Only since I would have my own computer and everything not that I would have all day.....)


Someone has a job interview in just over an hour and a half!!!!!!!!!
Shhhhhh.............I'll let you know...........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Look at me go two posts in two days.....yeah, I know, pretty impressive.

Okay so more pictures from our vacation! I really fell in love with this group of palm trees right off the walk from our hotel, I swear they must have planted them there knowing it would be a killer picture.
And then there was the Portuguese Man-O-War that stung me while I was going for a swim in the ocean, yeah, I didn't like him too much. I wasn't heartbroken while I watched him wash up on shore knowing his time was limited.....

And life guard shack that was yet again a perfect setup for a picture.....

The little blow hole that I just happened to stumble across when I demanded that Ben pull over so I could take more pictures. Okay I didn't have to demand, he was pretty tolerating of me and my camera.And then there was boogie boarding! The kids loved it! So did Ben!

There was plenty of playtime on the beach!

I just want to know why all beaches can't look this amazing!Did I mention that I went surfing. Not only did I go surfing I actually caught a few waves! And I have the pictures to prove it too! Oh yeah, Ben did some surfing as well, just not as good as me if you ask my kids. Madison will tell you that I topped Ben in the performance category......

Here is a warning: There is NO guarantee that my surfing pictures will remain posted as I'm not sure how many people I want seeing me in my bikini! Yes, this is sorta like the burn post.

Just for the record, this part might have been one best things about surfing: RESTING!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here we go....

Okay so here is the first round of pics from my trip. I took a bunch so sit back and enjoy!
Here is my version of the pictures from the previous post, I snagged those of some web sites and of course mine are much better....So the view from our room, we stayed in the Tapa Tower which is also the tower I stayed in on my trip nine years ago, it was great for the sunset if we had been in our room at sunset ever....we weren't.And then there is Bellows! I LOVE BELLOWS! For all of you who aren't in on my secret Hawaii getaway it's called Bellows Air Force Station, if you are active duty, retired, civil service, or know someone who falls into any of these categories and can get them to Hawaii with you, you too could stay at bellows and wake up to this in the morning...... Okay, now lots more pictures. One day we took off not sure what our destination would be. We were going to go to my favorite beach, yeah the picture right above, but I got a call from my aunt that it was raining on that side of the island, so we went to the Dole Plantation.
At the Dole property they have the World's Largest Maze!!!! Of course we had to check it out!

They had these kiosks throughout the maze that had little stencils, there were eight total and the girls raced teh guys to see who could find all eight stations first. The girls won.

Then we drove teo the north shore and ben decided that none of the beaches were safe enough and friendly enough for his kids so we started back towards Waikiki when we stumbled upon this hidden treasure. I remember it from a previous trip and any one on the island will tell you this is the place to get true shave ice!

And after that quick stop we did make it to the beach in Waikiki, which in my opinion is the worst beach on the island but will always work in a pinch.

Okay, so that should be good enough for starters, and I have to bring in more pictures to share, no gaurantees on it being tomorrow but maybe I'll surprise me and all of you and have something sweet and sunny and succulent to share with you from Hawaii...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alien Abduction?

I would love to blame my absence on an alien abduction so that's what I'm going to do.

No really, those sneaky little buggers swooped right down picked me up plopped me into my work truck out on a cold windy pier somewhere in the shipyard and forced me to work. Can you believe it? How rude! So now that I've managed to ind my way back to a computer I will try to catch everyone up the happenings in my life.

For starters, I JUST got back from Hawaii. Yes, it was amazing and yes, I took tons of pictures so you have that to look forward to....

Ben had to fly to Guam and go for a ride on a really big boat that happens to be owned by our Uncle, his name in Sam. The boat was destined for Hawaii and Ben asked if I wanted to meet him there. DUH, did he even have to ask? It had been nine years since I had returned to the place of my birth and so many fun early childhood memories....YES I WANT TO MEET YOU THERE SILLY BOY!!!! So I did. Me and the kids. It was a six hour plane flight and they kept pumping juice down Ty. Did I mention that he has a bladder the size of a peanut? We got Hawaii and had to wait for Ben to check into our room so we waited for him, and waited, and waited. We waited on the beach, and in the pool, and eventually, in the lobby...... Poor me, having to sit and wait while relaxing on the beach of this hotel.......

Psssssssst....That is the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and it was great but isn't my favorite place to stay on the island.....this one is........It's Bellows Airforce Station, yeah it's and upside to government employment.....

Yeah, it was absolutely horrible.... :)

Well, for now I have to leave you on pins and needles to hear the rest of my story, but the work whistle is about to start nibbling at my heels......I'll have more pictures and delicious tales of Aloha for you later!