Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

So Devri Tagged me! For those of you reading this know that your names may very well be at the bottom of this post to carry on the game!

  • I love my children of course! They do bring so much joy into my life!
  • My garden! There is something about pulling out all of those pesky weeds and having total control over that. Then there is the watering, I love just standing there watering my garden it is so relaxing.
  • Sunny days! I am a sun worshiper. If the sun is out I am in it.

3 Fears

  • Okay, here's a silly one. I really don't like dark bathrooms, they just completely weird me out!
  • Missing out on my kids youth. I work, I have a babysitter. I'm just afraid that my kids are missing out on having me there, being around them and sharing those memorable moments. The memories they carry with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Here's one that most people don't know, I'm truly afraid of rejection. I out myself out there alot, and every time I do I just wait for the big let down of not being good enough..........whew, that one actually feels good to get out!

3 Goals

  • The previously post about raising my kids to be strong, independent, kind people. You'll have to go read that one if you already haven't!
  • Being able to play soccer again. Right now I'm out there running around, but I want to contribute. I don't want to be someone they tolerate on the field. I want to be a force to be reckoned with!!!!
  • Save up enough money to buy a boat. My family had a boat growing up and that is something I want to share with my kids. So many memories came from boating trips!

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

  • I LOVE GIRAFFES! I have a giraffe room.
  • I LOVE SHOES! You should see my closet (After I clean all the laundry out!)
  • My weekly soccer games! I look forward to next week's game as soon as I get done playing the current game.

3 Random Surprises

Gee, that's a hard one.....

  • For those of you who don't know me too well, I love drinking milk and reading a book in the tub, for extended periods of time. My Hubby thinks that I'm weird, I think I just know how to relax.
  • I slept with a teddy bear up until I had my first kid. After that the only reason I didn't is because if I was holding my teddy subconsciously my body would think it was Madison and I wouldn't sleep as deep. ( I still have that teddy bear.)
  • A week before my wedding I had a nightmare, it was really bad. I crept put of my room scared, because I was still afraid from the dream (it had to do with BAD people outside of my house), and snuck across the landing to my parents room. I went in and climbed into bed on my mom's side and snuggled up with her. I told her I had had a bad dream and she snuggled right up with me. Ben LAUGHED so hard when I told him about this one!

Okay now for the fun part! Five of you lucky people are about to be tagged.....Here it comes!

Andy, Tiffany, Tiburon, Jenni, and Stef!

So I tried to share the wealth and make it easy for all of you to have plenty of people to chose tag, you're it!


MiaKatia said...

I love shoes to, very very very much. I can't wear anything with a heel anymore and that makes me very sad. I still have my baby blanket (stored in my closet).

Tiburon said...

ok ok - I will get on this bad boy soon!