Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seaweed & Buterflies

Last night after bed time Ty wandered into my room last night. And you know that it had to be important or he wouldn't risk being out of bed after bed time. (right?) Well he was actually working on getting a spot on my bedroom floor, who knew? The conversation went as follows:

Tyler: Mommy are you allergic to dogs?
Me: Yes.

Tyler: Mommy are you allergic to Katie and Bailey?

Me: Yes. (I'm also allergic to our pet bunny Cocoa)

Tyler: Are you allergic to cats?

Me: Yes.
Tyler: Then what am I allergic to?

(He might be allergic to grass but I'm still trying to figure that one out...)

Me: I don't know Ty.

(I don't want to put any ideas in is head and give him a complex.)

Then there is a slight pause for thought on his part...................

Ty: I know what I'm allergic to. Seaweed and Butterflies.

Me: Really? Hmmm. Okay, go to bed.

(He was going to bed on the child size park bench sitting in my entry way right out side my bedroom door.)

Ty: Okay. On his way out the door--Jacob is allergic to grass and he plays soccer.

I had to write down on the daily crossword lying next to me in bed seaweed & butterflies, just so I wouldn't wake up in the morning and think it was a dream. I think that is one of the funniest things he's said in a while. It's always so amusing because you know that he's been sitting there giving it his thought and putting everything together before he shares it with you.

(pics courtesy of our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo)

A couple of weeks ago we were in the car on the way home talking about where different meats come from. How hamburger and steak come from cows. And sausage and bacon and ham and of course pork chops come from pigs. I then told them how my family once bought half a cow and half a pig (at different times) and had the meat in the freezer. How it was yummy and you could just run out and get what ever you wanted. Tyler then announced that we needed a cowpig. A cowpig? Yes he was being silly but it went beyond that. He was witty. I just had to smile and be proud of my charming, witty little boy. Okay he's 5, almost 6, not so little any more.... :(


Tiffany said...

I'll buy half a cowpig if you want to go in together...hee hee
I'll make sure to clear my house of seaweed and butterflies before he comes over.

MiaKatia said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I am allergic to butterflies and seaweed too ;) what a cute lil guy!

samiam said...

This was a good one to docuement! Tyler is a crack up! I think that I am allergic to housework!

devri said...

I think he is darling, and glad you could jot in down. I would love to see a cowpig roasting in our pit....:}