Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is your role in this World? I know mine!

This one comes thanks to Lindsay. She inspired me this morning! Thank you for putting things in perspective for me Lindsay!

One of my roles in life, because I'm sure we all have more than one, is to raise my kids and help them have a childhood filled with as much joy and love as I had.

My Mom and Dad raised a strong, independent, confidant young woman. If I can only do half as good as they did I will be excited.

My goal is to instill the confidence that Madison and Tyler will need to get through their adolescent years and be able to know that just because their friends, or people they want to be friends with, think something is a good idea they have their own thoughts and their own choices to make and they shouldn't let anyone do that for them. I want them to be strong, free, independent, proud, happy, loving, caring, thought provoking individuals. I want them to be leaders, not followers. I want them to set the standard that others are going to strive to reach. But I still want them to be humble and approachable. I want them to be people their friends can turn to when they need strength and support. People someone can confide in and trust. I want my children to exude love and hope to the world. I want them to leave trails of joy wherever they may stride through life. I want them to be the people that others look to for strength and guidance.I hope that someday they will be pillars in their communities, maybe not the entire town or state, o world, but at least the lives of the people they do know and come in contact with on a regular basis. I want them to know true love in their life and I hope that Ben and I can be an example of what to look for in a partner. That way they can find someone who will magnify the strength, love, and drive that I know is in them.

That, I think is my true role in life. I do believe that I have many others, but that is the one I hold nearest to my heart... I feel that if all of this is the only thing I accomplish in my life I will have succeeded!

Madison and Tyler, I love you. I always will, no matter what choices you make. Just know that you will always be the joys of my life and I will always be your mom. I will here for you when you need me, I will comfort you when you need to cry, I will laugh at all the kooky things you do, I will cheer louder than all when you try your best, and I will party like no other when it comes time to celebrate you guys!!!!!


Mindi said...

awesome post!! thanks for writing that--gives me the will to deal with 4 girls today and try to do it with a smile!!

samiam said...

This brought tears to my eyes. You are right on the nose by everything you said, Nicole you are awesome. This is a sweet post and I love it!

irmaJ said...

Wow! I just have to say, if you have those qualities in your own life and live it out in front of them, they will take on those qualities. Doesn't mean that they will not stumble and fall and make bad choices, but they will have the root of those qualities always growing and sprouting in and through them. You will watch them grow and you will continue to prune and nurture them their whole life. When you hear them say things as adults that are profound, you will reap the joy of a job well done!!

devri said...

I can only say ditto, what a great post, this is what blogging is really about.. ok and the friends you make along the way :}

Suzanne said...

This post really touched my heart. I've wanted all the same things for my own children -- you said them so beautifully!

Scribbit said...

Don't you just look at your kids and want everything for them? Sometimes it's overwhelming. But Moms have the most influence I think and with you helping them they'll do great.