Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To those of you in my area:

Yes I have a garden but it will soon be time to thin my garden. So, if any of you are interested I will have perfectly good starts that I am going to be pulling out of the ground and tossing to the side. I might have to grab a couple pots to put some beans in.

I have corn, LOTS of baby corn.

I have beans. Green Beans, White Beans, and Purple Beans.

If anyone wants some of these as starts for a garden just let me know. It's not quite time yet but it will be in a week or so....That gives you time to go and get some pots just like I have to.

1 comment:

samiam said...

I am still dying over the purple beans!! That is too much for me.
I sadly have a Black Thumb. =( Ever since the "Garden Episode of 2005" I am banned from ever having a garden.... so sad