Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family outings!

On my birthday, we went as a family and had some good fun at the park. Well, Ben chased the kids around and I got to read a book in the sunshine and just relax. Then we stopped and got ice cream on the way home. One of the routes we take home from town (we live so far out there are multiple ways to get there) takes us past a Bald Eagle feeding area. The kids and I had stopped a previous day and there were 13 eagles sitting out looking for food and bathing. This day there were 26 out there for us to enjoy! So we just pulled over and checked them out for a bit. I had my camera in the car so we were able to share the moment with everyone!

There are a couple young ones out there but they blend really well into the expanse of oysters.

After stopping and watching these amazing birds for a while we piled back in the car and set off on way home again. But just down the road we came to another wide spot in the road where there happens to be more beach (Seabeck Marina for those of you who know) so we stopped again. This time the kids got to go out rock flipping. And where there are rocks to be flipped there are crabs and shells to be found!

Tyler found a dead crab.
And Madison found a muscle.
I love how I can tell my kids apart just by looking at their hands! It amazes me! The differences in subtle things like their hands and the the way they hold them.

I found an eel! Tyler carried it back to the water with me. Ben thinks stuff like that is gross, I think he's weird, but I love him!

So we had a lot of fun exploring the shore if only for fifteen minutes or so. Ben went over to an old cement culvert and there was quite a bit of sea life there for the kids to check out. There were starfish and crabs galore!

It was a great day the kids even had fun hamming it up for the camera!


MiaKatia said...

Way way cool that you have all that amazing nature so accessible to you. It is great that the kids love it as well and that you share it with them!

hautemommy said...

What beautiful photos... my son would have had so much fun on a day like this!!! :) Can't wait to see where you are going on "vacation"!!! xoxox

irmaJ said...

What an awesome family time! I love stopping in our busy lives and seeing the beauty and creation that we fly by every day. We get so busy that we forget to stop and appreciate the things that God created and enjoy them. Seeing just ONE bald eagle is amazing to me and sometimes takes my breath away. I can't imagine seeing a whole bunch at a time! That is so awesome!

Tiffany said...

okay, so the part that I don't get is that when you started your blog, I thought you would talk about food alot more....but it turns out I'M the one who talks about food all the time! YOU talk about NATURE!!

devri said...

I love that you live so close to the beach, that would be nice and the nature, my kids would eat it up if we had the chance to go there... Your are so like me, soccer, nature, kids, bathtubs and milk.. :)