Friday, January 9, 2009

Where to start?

How about with the airport.  SeaTac for the locals, or The Seattle-Tacoma Airport for you foreigners was crazy for a few days before our departure date.  There had been massive amounts of snow and many flights had been cancelled.  On the news they were showing stories of families that had been camping out days trying to get somewhere for the holidays.  While I was waiting in line at the customer service counter to make sure they added the miles to my newly created mileage plan the guy behind me asked, "So what's your story?"  I told him I was trying to get San Diego to see my husband for a visit.  He said that he was too and he had been waiting there for over a day.  I couldn't bare to tell him that I had been there a whole two hours. Fortunately the snow stopped just for me and we were able to fly out with no problems.  After take off, I got a whole new perspective of my cloudy home town.  The view from above the clouds.  I love how Mt. Rainier is just an island in the sea of clouds.

We went from this:
To this:

I know, I know, it's heart breaking isn't it.  I was in Heaven!  After having been huffing kids around in 25 degree weather I was more than happy to relax in 60 degrees with sunsets like that! 

Well, I have to run for a kid free girls night out!  I'll have to pick back up in San Diego later!


Misty said...

ummm...hello? why was I not invited to this kid free girls' night?

MiaKatia said...

Yeah, you had it rough!!! Sounds like a pretty nice vacation.

tiburon said...

Ooooo I am JILLIOUS!!!