Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Rumble in the Jungle

So we don't really live in the Jungle but we do have 5 acres. And there has been an on-going battle. To groom or not to groom. That is Madison's question. She had been having problems keeping her hair brushed and the girl has been cursed with my brother's wimpy scalp. All of that combined with long, fine hair added up to a rat's nest we just couldn't keep up with.

So Madison went from this:

And this: (not so sure what was heartbreaking at this particular moment, but it always happens during a hair brushing session)

To this:

The cut was her choice. Something she wanted to do. The length, the style, the timing. It's not my fault Ben wasn't here to stop it. He's still not sure what to think, all he saw was a picture from phone to phone. She loves it!

She kept asking me questions about short hair( her in the shower enjoying the bliss of washing short hair for the first time).

"Mommy have you ever had your hair this short?"

Me: "Shorter"

Madison with wide eyes: "Really? How short?"

Me: "Spiky in the back short."

Madison: "Wow. Have you ever had it like this?"

Me: "Nope, never."

*Big 'ol grins all around*


kjlubitz said...

Please tell Madison: Aunt Kari thinks her hair cut looks gorgeous!

Misty said...

very cute! i love it. And...when was your hair spiky in the back short?

Brits said...

Her hair looks so cute!

And yeah, when was it that short? Was it like a reverse mullet or something?

Cole said...

You guys had all abandoned me and fled to Utah. I didn't know what to do besides cut my hair. No really, it was a little after Ty was born because I remember having to buy a new blow dryer and hair product and standing in my EXPLOSIVE yellow bathroom and doing my hair every morning before work. I'm so not into maintenance!

And yes Brit, I'm pretty sure reverse mullet might be the perfect description, I was getting rid of a perm.....

No Cool Story said...

Oh so cute! That's darling.