Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Horribly Cascading Morning.

I should have stayed in bed. I really should have stayed in bed.

I woke up bathed, got dressed and realized that my khakis had been laundered with my deep blue jeans, they weren't khaki any more, they we streaky. That wasn't a huge problem, I'd had them for a long time, but I had always loved them....oh well.

Now on to my favorite pair of black heels. One I changed my pants, I needed different shoes to wear. I grabbed my fav pair of heels. Only after putting them on did I remember that I need to send them to the shoe doctor. The right one makes this little clicking noise where the heel is attached to the shoe every time I step or even shift weight to my right foot. I'm so upset!

Then when I got to the babysitters I realized that I had forgotten backpacks.

It was on my way from the babysitters my morning got really lovely! Pulling out of her driveway I was a little too close to her mailbox. And my car happened to give it a kiss on the way out! Aaahhhhhh!!!!

When I got in the car first thing this morning I noticed that I was also in desperate need of gas. The computer in my car said I had 11 miles left and I'm about 8 from the gas station in a direct route but I also had the kids to drop off before I got there. After I had scratched my car like a tiger on steroids would a scratching post would I looked in my wallet. No cash. It was at home in the pants I had worn yesterday. I looked at my cards, one debit card that I had been having problems running through machines, but thank goodness there was my back up debit card that I'm not supposed to use except for rare exceptions. That one had expired, 12/08-- staring right back at me. The replacement card, at home on the counter, where I wouldn't be able to reach it and get back to the station with out a serious risk of running out of gas. One last look in my purse and I find my checkbook, who uses checks at stores anymore when your debit card comes right out? Me. I was desperate. And fortunately they did take checks :) Although, the ink did run out for the check processing thingy and she had to keep my check instead of giving it to me as a receipt. big deal. Then she lets out the whopper. She informed that I would have to back track a little and then go to work the long round about way that tacks on an extra 15 minutes to my already late morning, since they had closed the road to due flooding and a landslide from all the snow and then rain we have gotten here.

UUGGGHHHH!!!!!! Seriously! What more can we add to my day! Here it is....While my car was filling up I went to go inspect the mailbox damage. Up to this point I had no idea how bad the scratch may or may not have been. I walked around to the passenger side and was horrified! So I ended up running from the passenger side handle clear back to the tail light leaving a lovely 1/16-1/8 inch gash down the side of my car. And it wasn't just clear coat. I ran my finger over a section of it and came up with white flakes that used to be clear coat and red flecks where my pretty paint used to be on the car 8( I even saw primer in some spots. I'm not sure if there's a crease yet of if it's just the groove where the paint is lacking. It looks horrible! I'm running up to my Daddy's (yes I said Daddy, loudly and proudly) auto body shop of choice today after work for an estimate. Fortunately, I have full coverage on the car, since we are after all still making payments, and at most it will only be 500 buck-a-roonies out of my pocket. The reason I say "only" is because I'm sure the estimate will be higher.

Once I was finally underway again I called my boss to let him know I would be late. Which means I would have to work through lunch. Which means day 2 of no lunch!

The final topper, the crowning moment........ Tiffany is at home sick today :( Get better soon, I NEED you! My day just doesn't work right if you're not downstairs, especially the rough ones!


devri said...

I hope your day was better, that was horrible just reading about it.. sorry.

kjlubitz said...

How is the mailbox?

Betsy said...

I hope you didn't go to work today. You probably shouldn't risk it.


Tiffany said...

glad to be here for you today. sorry i missed out yesterday, but at least i was available by phone! love you girl!