Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Houston....We have a problem!

Why do I tackle huge jobs while my hubby isn't here to help? I still haven't figured this one out. I also haven't figured out how many times I called him this weekend to tell him that he owes me, big time.

So Madison is now using the bunk beds that I had growing up. For a while we had the beds separated, one in each kid's room. Madison begged and begged for bunk beds so we made it happen. Which left Ty on the floor with a mattress and very upset that he had no bed. Apparently, if your mattress is just laying on the floor then it hurts your back but if it's in a bed it would feel better, at least that's how it works according to my six year old.

Ty had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, not so patiently for his new bed, for a few months now. Well, Ben and I decided it was time. So I took Ty out to look at beds and Ben said to let him pick out whatever bed he wanted. I called up my grandma and asked her if she was up for a road trip~She always is, especially where there is furniture shopping to be done, she's always looking for something. I piled the kids into car, all two of them, went to pick up Grandma, and we were on our way! We made the hour drive to The Old Cannery Furniture Store where Ty proceeded to go into hyper-drive! He zipped to and from one Bunk bed to the next. Climbing up one and then the next. He took advantage of the high ceilings and jumped on every top bunk possible. I'm sure I got crazy looks form all the other parents but Ty was having a blast. And I did tell him not to, a few times, and he listened for a little while each time. He had a favorite. But we piled back in the car and made a trip to Ikea, of course. And after briefly looking at all the bunk beds there we quickly realized they were no designed with my boy in mind. So once again, back to the car for a drive back to the Cannery. Once we had bought everything we had to get it in my Highlander. We've all seen the Ikea commercial with the cars stacked thirty feet high, now cram all of that in my car with one box on top and you've got what my car looked like. Wish I would have taken a picture of that one. Five boxes of bed, one mattress, one chair box plus our Ikea purchases.....little trinkets, bedding, and a carpet. I still can't believe I got it all in. The guy waiting at the loading door next to me, oddly enough, had bought the exact same bed and had to make two trips with his truck. I rock! (You should have seen under my bed after I had cleaned my room growing up)

Once I got home is when it got a little more tricky....... Houston.... HELP!!! I need help! We have a problem! By the way, did you know that 43 kgms actually weigh about 5 tons?

Once I got all the boxes upstairs it looked a little more like this in Ty's room. Not that I was out of the dark yet. I open up the box with the head and foot boards and there is a part! Fortunately, it was for the lower bed that is on casters once you assemble it so that you can roll it around the room as needed, or wanted. And after calling the store to make sure I could just take back the broken part instead of the whole box, I started assembling again. ~Side note: Even if they had WANTED all of the boxes to return one broken part I was ready to tell them them there was NO WAY I was bringing everything back downstairs and back into my car again! AND WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!!!!! Finally, mission complete! Ty is so loving his new bed. He loves the desk and started breaking in that part of it as so soon as it got into his room! He was very helpful in handing me hardware and tools. He couldn't stay out of the room. He even held things in place for me when I needed that third hand that I just can't seem to grow..... Here's a tip. If you're by yourself putting together a bunk bed, which I don't recommend, instead of putting everything together and then lifting the bed up there. Do what I did and built it in place. It's not as comfy but it's much lighter work! :)

We have already set a few ground rules...... No jumping on the top bunk, I don't want holes in my ceiling. Ty is very hard headed. And no swinging/hanging like a monkey, a snake, or a sloth or any other tree animal from the bed....

Ty even got to have his cousin Jaden over to help him break in the new bed! Oops, no braking! Bad choice of words!


Misty said...

very cute! i'm impressed! you are hard core! =)

tiburon said...

That is an AWESOME bunk bed!!

No Cool Story said...

Ok, so those bed are pretty awesome.

My kids would have died to be able to play with a box that size.