Wednesday, January 21, 2009

San Diego Sightings

On vacation I saw Tib and her kids! Who knew they were in not so sunny San Diego the same time I was?
Ben's least favorite picture of all time....the surfer in him looked at me in awe and said "Look at all those teeth!" as I watched chills run down his spine.

And from Ty- "Mommy, why is that camel eating marshmallows?"
Think like a dog....~Nobody's gonna take my MY boy's bike!!!~

Look at the glutes on that guy!
Is that a banana in his pocket....hmm...Apparently they have a sense of humor at Legoland.
I NEED the number to her hair and makeup guy!

Always wear sunscreen.....or bring one with you...


devri said...

absolutely your comment was funnier than my post.. you crack me up..

My fav of all of these is all of them.. they're great...

have a great day.

tiburon said...

I freaking love you. I love that you saw sharks - and you thought of me - and I LOVE the banana in the pocket! That is a riot!

No Cool Story said...

Is that a banana in your pocket..?

I love the moped/umbrella guy. I bet his mom is proud.