Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Amazing Husabnd!

So last night I was just thinking to myself as I was drving home. You know, about everything and nothing at the same time, paying attention to everything besides the road.... And I thought about how Ben and I have been together ever since we met. I haven't known him a day that I haven't been with him. I started thinking about how wierd that was. Usually you know someone for a while as a friend or a friend of a friend before you actually start dating and then get married. Ben and I didn't start that way. I met him at a church dance and as soon as I talked with him and spent time with him that night, I knew. I knew he was going to be mine. I knew all the other girls in the world didn't stand a chance (I'd hurt them if they tried). I knew he was perfect for me. I thought I knew how great he was but he shows me everyday that he's even better than I imagined almost nine years ago. I knew he had no clue what he was in for.

But my main thought yesterday was how many peole can say that they have been together with their spouse since the day they first met? I imagined us at our fiftieth anniversary being able to tell that story, how we were in love since the day we met. It sounds like stuff from fairy tales and it's my story! I get to live my very own fairy tale! Don't get me wrong, not all stories are happy all the way through, but they always work out in the end, and I know ours will too.

So while I'm blubbering on about my marriage, I have a few bits to share.

On Easter, his side of our family was at our house for dinner. Ben was once again, out of town, he does that alot for work. I was doing the dishes before everyone showed up, Ben usually takes care of that but since I was by myself and the lids aren't quite old enough, I was up to me. Well, I was unloading the dishwasher, putting the silverware away when I noticed that I had multiple sets of utencils. I had known there was I mixture, I had bought another set since we had been married, but I found a new way to look at my dishes, all of them really, plates and cups included. I had mixed silverware!!!!! I had been married long enough to have mixed silverware. We weren't a couple just starting out on our journey, we had made it far enough down the road that we had needed to replenish our flatware. I know I'm crazy but that was the thought running through my head that Easter afternoon.

Last month, while Ben was once again out of town, I had another warm experience. He was on the tail end of a trip that had started off in Japan, but had left him in Hong Kong. I couldn't call him and was keeping my cell phone in hand all day just waiting for him to call. Well, he call and I asked him if he would pick me up a nice pair of cooking chopsticks...... I use chopsticks all the time, I never eat rice with a fork, and this is something Ben loves to tease me about.......... Well, he just chuckled in reply and said that he had already gotten me a set of chopsticks. How cute is it that he would know that just a simple set of chopsticks would make my day. The next day whe he called I told him that if he had a chance and found a nice Jade bangle that it would be amazing! He started that chuckle again....I asked him if he had already bought one and that I was sorry for ruining the surprise, he told me that no, he hadn't bought any thing yet buthe was on his way to the Jade Market to do just that. Right then I just felt so good that we were so intune with each other. I knew what just a simple laugh of his could mean, and he knew what I wanted before I even wanted it!
I love that we have invested the time and effort into getting to know, love, and appreciate each other. So while I'm at home with two kids it's these thoughts that come to me at the most random moments that make it that much easier to just get through the day. I have a great husband, I know it. I probably don't tell him that enough, but at least the world now knows that I think my husband is one amazing guy and worth every bit of effort that has gone into the past nine years. And that I get to live my fairy tale romance a little bit more each day.


irmaJ said...

I believe in marriages made in Heaven. It doesn't mean that you won't have difficult times, but you will learn and grow from those times. Life stuff is what makes us cling to each other's strengths. It takes more than just love and attraction, it takes committment, communication, sacrifice, tolorence, patience and a whole lot of other stuff to make a marriage good. Keep up the good work!

Misty said...

Very sweet!

Tiffany said...

BRAGGER! Just kidding! I love that you're in love! I want all my favorite friends to be happy!

kjlubitz said...

You know, Nicole, I am so happy that you have found a loving husband and wonderful Father for your children in Ben and I am glad you met him when you did--so you could be in love from the very first day. Honestly, when Ben was 3 and I was 21, I was afraid of him and his "chase everyone around with a corning ware dish" ways. Thank goodness you were in Hawaii and he was in Arizona then. I am glad he grew up to be so sweet. I hope he gets to spend more time at home soon.

samiam said...

Sounds like you have a catch! It is nice to realize that you do have it made. They can make us crazy but for the most part we just LOVE them!

MiaKatia said...

Ok well I am crying. What a sweet tribute to your husband and your marriage. I just makes me so happy to hear about wonderful love stories.