Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hamster Anyone?

No really. Does anyone want my hamster? He's an adorable blueberry dwarf hamster, who loves to eat in his running wheel during the day and run, in the same wheel, at three o'clock in the morning that is now squeaky and confetti filled. He also takes every advantage to get out of his cage and go for a field trip in my house. Last night he finally surfaced after two days off and about (Yes, that is his second escapade for those keeping track). Oh yeah, did I mention he bites? And then there's the fact that he doesn't clean his own cage, what is up with that? So, just let me know if you're interested..... At this point I'm not even sure if my son would miss him, the first time Maxie got out of his cage Ty was sad, this time, not sure he even cared. Do I hear any takers???????

Maybe that owl outside my house might like to keep him company........(Not that I could actually do that, but at three in the morning it sounds like a great idea!)


Misty said...

You need to work on your sale tactics! I also love your other posts. Hopefully my Ty will love me that much! =)

And...toughen up sister - shots aren't that bad! ;-)

Cole said...

Who said anything about sales? I was gonna give him away, shoot, I might pay someone. :)