Thursday, May 15, 2008

It makes it all worth it

Today I am taking off work early to go on a camp out with the Relief Society(Women 18 and older from church). Well last night while I was packing my clothes, because I do everything last minute, Ben and I were explaining to the kids that mommy was going to be gone a couple days. This doesn't happen to often, usually Ben is the one leaving and I'm staying home. Ty wasn't all that okay with me going. He wanted to know why couldn't come with me and truly wanted either him to come too or me stay at home. I explained that it was something for mommy to go do with other mommies and that no kids were coming. Once he accepted that, it came down to how deos he take advantage of the time he does have with mommy. Luckily for me, all he wanted was cuddle time! I love my boy. It's times like that when you wonder if with all the running around for sports and groceries, and the rest of life, if your kids are really enjoying spending that time with you. Well, they are. Its the times when I know they are going to miss me and really do want me around that help fortify me for when they aren't being quite so calm or sweet, or even nice. I love my kids!

Just for the record, Madison also wanted to get some cuddle time in. :)


irmaJ said...

Enjoy it, it's gone all too soon!!!
It is so good to hear a mom say how much she loves spending time with her kids. They need you and you need them. They are part of you and they learn everything from you! They are God's gifts loaned to you to care for. Enjoy your time away, spend your time wisely and remember that your life is a reflection to those girls as well!

samiam said...

Oh I love snuggling with My Boy too! Kids are a crack up! We miss you at work but have FUN!

Andy said...

This doesn't seem like the Tyler I know. Ben always tells me he's different when we're around.

$10 says Ben's had a panic attack.