Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's done, I had an appointment yesterday to perm my hair and I did it! I think I like the curls but I'm not sure on the cut. It might have to go a little shorter. My hubby says no shorter but, he leaves town tomorrow. Who knows what my hair might look like when he gets home....I'll have to get some pictures so I can show everyone.

Sam and I are going to the zoo in a couple days, so I'm sure to have so of me and the kids. Ty has been asking to go to the zoo for a while now and he is excited to go see the Zebras. I have to admit I'm excited to be going to the zoo as well, I'm looking forward to seeing the Giraffes. I'm not sure what animal Madison is most looking forward to seeing, she likes horses, but I'm afraid those might be hard to come by at the zoo. Which animal would you look forward to seeing the most?

I'm also going to send a camera with Ben on his first trip to Hawaii. It will be interesting to see where he visits and what he thinks is memorable on his first trip to Hawaii. I do have to say that I am not happy that my husband is going to Hawaii for his first time and I don't get to share that with him. I'm jealous because he gets to go to my old "home". I lived there when I was a kid and moved here to Washington when I was eight. I have so many fun memories of Hawaii and there were so many places I wanted to go and share with my husband....maybe someday soon..... I'm wondering where he will choose to go, any guesses?


Brits said...

Probably all the lame tourist places, like Waikiki.

Mia said...

Never been to Hawaii so I wouldn't have the first clue where he would go! I love the zoo. I am partial to the elephants but I like almost all of the animals. I had a monkey throw poop on me once at a petting type zoo. They aren't at the top of my list.

samiam said...

I had so much fun Nicole! I loved hanging out with you and just love your Kids!!! =) We should do it again soon!