Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I hate shots!

I hate shots, I always have. When I was a kid I had to be held down, by two adults. You do the math on that one..... My theory has always been, you can take as much blood as you want, but PLEASE no shots. So what started this rant? Yesterday, I had to go get an injection, it's become a monthly task for me and you would think that after two babies and eight surgeries that I would get used to shots but let me assure you that is not the case. I always get slightly nervous before a shot. My mom used the cure all of ice cream after the doctor's appointment, actually I insisted on it through out my vaccination years. Well, yesterday I knew that I had to take myself in to that bad little room where they keep all the hypodermics. I had to hand over my right hip and wait for the prick. It burned, even more than the last time, and then it was done. It took all of 10-15 seconds. And I'm still feeling the lasting effects. The night of my injection I get nauseous. That lasts all through the next day. Also at night, my hip gets this really tender spot. THEN, and here is what started all this...my belt sits right on the spot where they gave me that darn shot!!!!!!! This is just wrong. First, I have to go and take myself to the doctor, then I get a shot and now I'm feeling sick to my tummy AND my belt is hurting me. It's just not fair.


irmaJ said...

You poor thing! Did you get your ice cream after your shot? That's what really matters!

Mia said...

So sorry about the shots!