Monday, May 12, 2008

Bedtime Trick!!!

Yea! My toolbar magically reappeared! I'm so EXCITED!

So, I discovered this last week how to get your significant other to snuggle with you while you sleep. I've been trying to figure out how to get more snuggle time for a while now. So here it is--Just take the blanket of your bed! It's it that easy. I had to wash my down comforter and so it was off my bed for a couple nights. It has been chilly up here in Washington for the past little bit and those couple nights were no exception. Ben also turns down the furnace at night. I bundled myself up in fleece pants and a sweatshirt and climbed into bed. I've been exhausted lately so I went right to sleep. It got really cold the first night and I woke up a couple times because I was cold, the nice surprise was that each time I woke up, Ben was right there snuggled up next to me! It was great!


samiam said...

Nice.. I love to snuggle. =)

irmaJ said...

Little did you know that it was that easy! Larry has to fight the cat to get to snuggle with me!!!!!

Blackberry Bratt said...

Apparently bacon works too. Just rub it on you before you go to bed and they will be drawn to you. (You saw that Taco Bell commercial didn't you?)