Tuesday, June 23, 2009

B-day card...

So I got the bestest birthday card a girl could ever want. It's sitting right here in an envelope on my desk and if you ask me that is such an injustice. I'm dying to take it out and hide it in the corner so that I can take a peek whenever I feel the fancy....

Who could blame me? Look>>>>>>>>>>

I might have peeked a few times. Okay maybe four times.

And on the back>>>>>>>>>>(who looks at the back of a card? me. SO worth it)

Somebody got a barn?!? I need one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can stay in my barn ANYTIME! Where did I put that barn..........

Who needs a stinking kitten. They make me itch. And sneeze.

Love you too Tiffany! Have I mentioned how much you rock?

Five times.


It might be a long slow day at my desk :)

is it wrong to pet the card?


Tiffany said...

Your blog post about the card made me laugh more than the card itself, what I imagined your reaction to the card would be, and the email you wrote me after you read it! =)

samiam said...

This is a "Nicole" card for sure!! Haha
Nice to see that it made you happy. =)