Monday, June 1, 2009

Early Birthdays Rock!

This year I guess I wasn't the only one excited for my Birthday to arrive. Ben decided that it should happen early! He knew what I was wanting so we all went out buying together.
The kids got me this:

And they are already breaking it in for me :)

And Ben got me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, it's not an iPhone, but I didn't need one of those.
I LOVE my iTouch!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are already enjoying playing the few games I have already downloaded. And when I say kids, I mean only when Ben lets go of it long enough for them to touch it. And even Ben has to wait for me to get tired of playing with it before he gets a chance.....I love that he drives everywhere, it gives me lots of opportunity to enjoy my new toy!


Randi said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Wow, you made out like a bandit this year :)

oh, and I totally agree we should get a group together to go camping. You know me...I am always up for another reason to fit in one more camping trip!

Brits said...

Is it your birthday, or one of theirs?

Cole said...

Oh it's mine all mine but lucky for them, I share......