Friday, June 5, 2009

My Ty

Not to be confused with a Mai Tai, although he can make you just as delirious and give you just as much of a hangover :) His favorite color is RED. He is ALL boy. He is my boy. My Baby Boy. He's told me that I can call him that forever. -Just not in front of his friends-
Ty has a never ending love affair with Dinosaurs. We have had four dino birthday parties out of six.

Not only does he love extinct giants. He loves all living, moving, breathing things. It doesn't matter if they crawl, hop, have ears, 20 legs, dig, hoot, or live a million miles from him, he LOVES them.

Big or Small, He is fascinated.

He will sit down and read books about animals. He will watch Discovery or Animal Planet snuggled up next to me for hours.

He even likes animals that aren't real.

He still thinks he can fly.

He takes time to stop and enjoy the really little things in life.

He is a lover and along with that comes his sensitive side. He is a sweet BOY who relishes the seconds, minutes, hours, days that he can torture his sister. But he also can be crushed. When he is sad I think any one who knows him would give him the world just to see that radiant smile of his again. It does wonders for you, trust me.

He loves to be silly. He is such a goof.

He is always getting into something. Every barrier is a challenge for him to overcome!
He's got spirit that for sure, and tons of determination.
He is my boy. I love him dearly. Yes some days he is whiny, or sneaking food from the pantry-okay that one is a constant-, sometimes he's just doing his best to be under foot. Other days he's helpful and wants to do any thing he can to help. He loves to make things. Drawings, pasted pictures, random things out of even more random STUFF found around the house. And after all of that to make it even better.....
He dances with me.

I love all the sides that Ty has to offer because each one of them makes him who he is. I can't imagine how my world would be with out him and I am so blessed to have him for Eternity!


Devri said...

YOur Ty is a doll!

Kristina P. said...

He's such a cutie!

tiburon said...

What a sweet tribute to your boy! He is a cutie patootie!!

Keli said...

What a wonderful post! He is adorable! I am glad you posted this...I feel like I know him a bit know!