Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Road trip

This weekend we went visited Mount Rainier National Park. I LOVE Mt. Rainier. Really love Mt. Rainier. I was so happy to share my favorite mountain wiht my kids. I have so many memories from growing up of time spent with my family hiking, swimming, and camping up on that big pile of rocks.

Yes summer has officially begun but there is still 10 feet of snow at Paradise, our destination for the day. Not that we thought about that one as Ben and I were getting dressed that morning. The kids had pants, shoes, and jackets. Ben and I however.......

It was a little cold for him in the snow with the flip-flops I suggested. Ooops. But hey, who doesn't wear flip-flops in the snow, that's normal right? Or is that just me? Okay, my toes got a little chilled too but the sun was shining and the pavement was nice and toasty :)

So there are waterfalls EVERYWHERE. It is a mountain. And I couldn't help but take a million pictures of them. I even included the family in some of my pictures.

And then there is always the selfportrait photo opp. Snuggle up hon. Cheese!

Hey Tiff, how come Ben didn't smile like that for our photo shoot?

Then there is always the time you have to take to throw rocks. You MUST stop and throw rocks in the water when given the chance.

Loved this waterfall. Love the boy by the waterfall even more though!

After running around all day why not stop and play on a climbing wall too? We actaully had to wake the kids up to get them out of the car.

Have I mentioned that Madison has a fear of heights? I'm not really sure I understand her fasination with climbing but she loves it. It's just the coming down that makes her nervous.

We had a great trip and are planning on going back. Soon. Maybe for a night or two this next time. I'm thinking I have a four day weekend coming up in a bit. Sweet. Pack the bags honey. Wait, that's my job.


Tiffany said...

I think I like the first picture the best!! =)

Misty said...

how fun! i'm glad you guys got away!

MiaKatia said...

Looks like a fun trip. We always went up Rainier when we visited. And there was always snow!

Mindi said...

cole! i am so sorry i missed your birthday!!!!!!

that's what happens when i slack off on google reader and play catch up--

i hope your day was fanfreakingtastic!

emailing you today...

samiam said...

I love all of the pictures, never been but would love to go.
Ummm I seem to recall another time when you were knee deep in snow with flip flops on! You never change and I love it.