Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday again and today I have a few things to be thankful for:

Our Soldiers! They do such a great job keeping our country safe and helping us preserve our freedom that allows us to do so many of the things we take for granted! And their families! Without the love and support of their families it would be so much harder for those soldiers to do what they do!

My family! My husband last living grandparent, Grandmother Lindblom, came over for dinner and we spent an amazing evening showing her our house, our yard, and eating a great dinner. We talked and laughed and I loved listening to her stories and her bits of advice. She had great tips for my garden! She has been around and seen so much. She has so much wisdom and heart. I can't wait to go down and visit the rest of my husband's expansive family in Arizona!

(Am I allowed to say I'm thankful for soccer again)

My sisters! I grew up an older sister to a little brother. Need I say more? I always wanted a sister and now I have six!!!!! And I didn't even have to grow up with them and get in to the sister arguments: those are my shoes, makeup, clothes, friends........ Now I just get to have the fun grown up sister moments. talking about everything, pregnancies, deliveries, nursing stuff, annoying hubbies, crazy kids, school, sleep, lack of sleep, food secrets, and so many other things I couldn't possibly put them all down! This weekend they are coming over. They start arriving Friday and aren't leaving until Sunday! And the best part, we are kicking Ben and the kids out! Mom's only, no kids! A weekend getaway at my place. PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am planning on sewing (Tiffany, don't you think it's time I finished that blanket?) and sewing some more, and maybe scrap booking, and oh yeah, my favorite, tending to my garden! I can't wait!


Tiffany said...

I'm very excited for my baby blanket!! ;)

samiam said...

Sisters are important no matter how they come about!! Have fun Nicole!!!

MiaKatia said...

Enjoy the girls weekend. It sounds like tons of fun!

irmaJ said...

Have a GREAT time Nicole!!!!!!

Betsy said...

We are going to have so much fun this weekend!!!

Mindi said...

sister are the best. have so much fun!

ps again, when are we gonna get the soccer video of you kicking some serious trash?