Monday, July 14, 2008

He beat me to it! (Good Thing!!!!)

Come on girls, you know that we all have thought about it in some form...... Those RMs (Returned Missionaries for those outside of the LDS world), there is just something about them... They are HOT! maybe not now that we are *cough, cough* older, but at one point in time we were all sitting in Sacrament waiting to see what the new missionary in the ward would look like.

(Un)fortunately someone took it one step further. Putting those hunks of meat on a calendar for all those girls to enjoy! Too bad now he has to pay the price. I guess I do understand the Church's side, not exactly what an RM should be focusing on, taking off your shirt to show the world your righteous abs and pecs. Probably not such a righteous thing to do. But, dang, I'm interested in seeing the calender, is that wrong?


Brits said...

I don't understand the church's side. It's just a calendar! Was he ex'd? And if I were 14, I'd totally buy it!

devri said...

If you were the mouth for the church, should you really be taken off the shirt or whatevv to have other women and men(gross) drool all over it, if it didn't have the missionary tag on it, then it would be different. But yes, that body is worth lookin' at.. :)

Cole said...

Yes he was, but none of the RMs were.