Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Poor Soldiers!!!!

This came from Devri, I thought it was something so very worthy of our time. We have soldiers giving so much of their time, their hearts, and sometimes their lives. It doesn't take much for us to help them and in the amazing World of Blog we can make great things happen like helping someone win a shopping spree, or starting up a business, I don't see why we can't help our country take care of the troops who give so much so willingly for so many people. How many of you have had a family member in the military? A father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandpa, even grandma...You know that if it were your family member over there working with out your love and support and basic comfort of other back up you'd be raging fury to the point that it's spewing out of your ears!!!! So take some time to help out your family, the blogging family, our country's family..............

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My cousins husband is serving for our country and she emailed me this today, my jaw about hit the floor. I am copying her email, so there will be nothing left out

-Sheralan wrote-

Steve, my husband, and the other soldiers at FOB Terwa (Tarwah) need your help. Please call and/or write your congressman, any and all who will listen and act on behalf of soldiers and their families. You can go to and there will be a place to enter your zip code to find all your congressmen/women and their contact information. Below is the explanation.

**** Less than three miles from the Pakistan border in Afghanistan, there is a small FOB called Tarwah (Terwa). Tarwah is isolated and far from any American support, but the 20 soldier who maintain and defend it have in the past been able to take comfort in knowing help was only a call for air support away. They always felt oddly reassured when a bird would arrive to bring mail from home, or pick up a soldier to go on leave, like they, in the seeming middle of nowhere, were still connected the their brethren in arms.

Well, they haven't had a single parcel of mail delivered in three weeks and that assurance is gone, that precious connection with home is severed. They have soldiers who should be on R and R right now, who should be enjoying a brief reprieve from war and spending time with their families, but they are instead stranded at Tarwah because the Bagram Air Force Base that is supposed to provide them with air support has refused to do so anymore. There are also soldiers who have left on leave and cannot return to Tarwah, knowing that they are desperately needed but can’t return to serve at Tarwah because Bagram AFB won't transport them. The total lack of support from Bagram AFB has left the soldiers at the FOB even more isolated and vulnerable than they already were.

Bagram AFB says Tarwah is too far and the soldiers should drive the 8 hours to get to the base to go on leave. Driving just one soldier to go on R and R endangers all of our brave men at Tarwah. At least 12 soldiers need to go to man the vehicles and weapons, plus the one trying to get home obviously has to go, which leaves only 7 men to guard the FOB. After what recently occurred with a FOB being infiltrated and attacked in Afghanistan and having soldiers killed and injured, I am infuriated that my husband and all who serve with him at the small FOB right along the Pakistan border are being set up to suffer the same tragedy. Being denied mail is bad enough for morale, but being denied air support is essentially abandoning them.

My husband and all the soldiers at Tarwah have lived without comforts we take for granted, like plumbing, without complaining, but allowing them to be stripped of air support is like cutting off their limbs and leaving them to fend for themselves.

This cannot be allowed any longer.Please help the soldiers of the 101st ABN DIV, 4th BCT, 1-61 CAV, B-Troop, 3rd PLT at FOB Tarwah know that just because they are few in numbers doesn't mean we will let them be forgotten or discarded. Please folks, lets use this amazing blogging community to bring these Hero's home SAFELY.



samiam said...

Wow I just came from over her blog... so sad.

Suzanne said...

My congress people have been given an earful (by me) of late, but this is worth another set of emails. Thanks for the heads up. Consider it done!