Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good and Better

So yesterday I had the opportunity to have a teaching moment with miss Madison. It was that time for achievement days again and I had dropped her off and after chatting for a bit I ran to the grocery store for some mayo and milk. When I got back and was done killing time reading in the car I walk into the church to look for her. I found another friend and we started talking while I was waiting for Madison to be done. apparently she already was. As I was in the gym I see her tear through there and fly on out following a group of girls. I talked with my friend a bit more and then we went our separate ways. I went off in search for my girl. I walked around the church, twice. I poked my head back in the gym, four times. I couldn't find Madison. I heard a ruckus coming form the chapel and knew that couldn't be my girl, she wouldn't be so loud in that reserved space. Still, all my other options inside the church were taken. I peek my head in and who do I see. Madison. She knew she was busted. I handed her things to her and we went to that car.

Then the conversation started. I told her there were more than just two types of choices. In my opinion there is Good, Bad, and Better. I know that it's not always good vs. evil. Sometimes it's good vs. good and that is the time that we have to choose the "Better" of the two choices. I told her that I wasn't mad at her just disappointed. Then I defined disappointed for her. I told her that I never thought that my daughter would be the one squealing and gallivanting up on the stand in the chapel. I asked her where the right place in the church was to be rowdy. She knew, the gym. I asked her if she thought is everyone was rowdy in the chapel like we can be in the gym if the chapel would be a pretty and preserved as it is. She replied no. I knew that she knew what the right choice had been. I knew she had gotten caught up in playing with her girlfriends. I pointed out to her that the choice she had made hadn't been horrible but it also hadn't been the best choice and we need to try to make the best choices possible.

After all the "discussing" was done, I hear a "Hey mom."

"Yes Madison?"

"Did you know the organ has keys on the floor? That is so cool."

Hey, maybe she learned more than one thing yesterday....good vs. better and organs are cool.


Brits said...

It took me until I was 13 to realize the organ has keys on the floor. I think I discovered that the same way.

MiaKatia said...

That sounds like a very good discussion. I remember realizing that the organ had keys on the floor too. So cool!

samiam said...

Love the lesson, and I love that she changed the subject. Just like her mother!!
P.S. I talked to Ben about you all having more babies. Did he tell you????

Natalie said...

Awesome. Good lesson. And yeah, organs are cool. (I almost typed orgasms...)