Friday, March 6, 2009

5 Senses

I was tagged by Mia. Which is great because I have been wondering where I was getting my next post from. Yea, a great idea comes forth!

Omgirl made up this great tag. She got to thinking about things she loves to smell and taste and touch and put it into a post. And figured why not... so she made it into a tag.

This is a really fun one, there are so many different things to think about. I hope you play along!

Here are the rules:5 Senses TagList 4 things you love, and one thing you hate, for each category. Then tag 5 people; leave them a note on their blog so they know.Also, let the person who tagged you know when you post yours.

1: I love the smell of Shoyu Chicken cooking, lots of garlic and ginger-it's sorta like a teriyaki chicken, I'll have to share the recipe. Growing up I would always love being in my room and smelling it all the way from the kitchen.

2: Paint, fresh, wet paint. My daddy is a painter and I hear my mom painted when she was nine months prego with me, maybe that's why I get the painting itch every few months.

3: Pinesol and Windex. They remind me of being at my Grandma Jones' house growing up and helping her clean.

4: A hot glue gun and Eucalyptus. They remind me of my Grandma Heywood's house. She was always crafting, painting, arranging flowers.

5: I hate 409! I had to use it at work when I was pregnant with my son. It seemed like every day I had a bottle in my hand. Can't stand the stuff.

1: Plain short grain rice. otherwise known as sticky rice. I grew up on it, I can eat it every day and be content.

2: Milk. I drink it by the tanker full, really, my favorite cups hold a quart of milk in them. Whole, 2%, 1%, or Skim, it doesn't matter as long as it says MILK.

3: Peanut butter and chocolate. Give me a spoon, a jar of peanut butter, and a bag of semi-sweet chips and I'm in heaven. Can be substituted for reese's miniature cups.

4: Apple cider. It reminds me of Christmastime at my fav. tree farm with my family, getting ready to cut down our Christmas tree.

5: Sweet Pickles. One word-Yuck.

1: The swish that I hear as I'm turning on the ski slopes. The snow sluffing around sound is the coolest.

2: Women singing in Relief Society meetings. It's like the angels are singing. My son loved this sound as a baby too. He would sit still and just listen, as soon as the singing stopped he was off and busy again.

3: The sound of the wind coming through the evergreen trees before it actually gets to you. I just love standing out side on a breezy day.

4: The sounds of my husband playing with my children. The laughing, the wrestling, the squealing with delight. It makes me so proud of Ben, he always has time to play with our children.

5: The whine! The high pitched squeal, the screech, the sing-songy plea, the very first sound of protest or tattle. DRIVES ME CRAZY!

1: Bare feet, I hate shoes. Flip flops are my socially acceptable form of footwear, but I prefer nothing.

2: My bathtub as I settle in for a nice long soak with a good book and the previously mentioned tanker.

3: Sand under those bare feet of mine. Or sitting on it. Or just running my hands through it. I have a collection at home. Some from Guam, Cozumel, and my favorite beach in Hawaii in different containers. Every once in a while I just have to touch it.

4: Sunshine. I just love the way the sun warms me and I can't help but smile when feel those beams fall on my head.

5: Cold. I hate being cold. Don't like cold floors, cold air, or cold soda pop cans touching suddenly my skin.

1: Blue skies, that usually means that whole sunshine thing I like is on it's way. I also crave another skydiving trip when ever I see a clear blue sky.

2: My Christmas tree covered in hundreds of white lights. I love Christmas, to me it means love, family, and strangers being nice to each other.

3: Waves on a beach. It reminds me of my first kiss with my husband, hours spent playing as a kid with my parents on the beach, my mom and dad teaching me how to boogie board and body surf, playing with my kids on the beach, and surfing with my husband.

4: My kids on a swing. There is nothing better than the smile on Madison and Ty's faces than when they are soaring through the air on the swing their dad put up for them in our yard.

5: This one is weird, just letting you know. I H.A.T.E. seeing a lone child's shoe or toy lying on the side of the road. It makes me so sad to think that there is a little girl somewhere missing her shoe. Or that some poor boy lost his favorite stuffed animal. It breaks my heart instantly.

Now lets see, who to tag....How about:


Have fun ladies! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


MiaKatia said...

Paint?!?! No thanks ;) With you on the sweet pickles though, pickles aren't supposed to be sweet. Whining and complaining are a big no no for me. I love the feel of sand!

Thanks for playing!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh, I loved your list.
I LOVE FLIP FLOPS! I just bought a new pair last night that I L.O.V.E. Paid 70 bucks for them-does that tell ya something?
And the shoe or toy by the road-KILLS me everytime. I think the same thoughts-OH NO-wonder who that poor little kid is!
I wish I had time to play along...I'll see if I can work on this. Great post!

Rachel said...

Did it! Thanks for that.... it was fun!