Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I've finally done it! I started my first blog. I'd like to say congrats to myself for finally joining the rest of the world. Now after that, I do not promise to keep up daily or even weekly, lets face it, even if I only post something once a month, it will be more contact with everyone than I have had in oh, say, the past eight years! (Ever since I graduated from high school.)

Just to catch up....Ben and I have built a house. We have been in it for a year and a half now. Madison is seven and in first grade. Tyler is five and in kindergarten.

Both Ben and I are working at the shipyard and doing well. He has become a work leader for his crew and travels all over the place for work. He just recently returned from a trip to Japan and Hong Kong to make repairs on a ship. His travels have included Guam, Dubai, and LOTS of runs down to San Diego. I am still working as a High Voltage Electrician, although last week I was given a temporary promotion as the Electrical Construction Coordinator. I will be there until they find a permanent replacement, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope they select me for that as well! :)

Madison is my girl. She is my carbon copy and likely to be as much trouble as I was, probably more. She is enjoying school and likes to play soccer and basketball (Really, those were her choices not mine!). She loves to draw and to create things, even if it just paper that's been cut, colored, and taped together. She is also reading and loving it! That is so exciting for me! I love to read, it's my escape, and the thought of my daughter having the same passion is thrilling. She is also enjoying calling her cousin Madeline on the phone just to chat. We often come home to messages fom Madeline and Madison loves to pick up the phone, dial her number, and then dissapear up to her room for what seems like forever. Like I said totally my daughter, and I couldn't be more proud of her!!!

Tyler is ALL boy! When he falls, it is usually face first, and he falls alot because he never stops running! Ty is playing t-ball right now and wants to play football this fall instead of soccer. He is loving school. The other day he came home and was actually upset because he didn't have homework and wanted me to make some for him!!!! Can you believe that? I'm sure that will change...I hope not, but it most likely will. Right now with t-ball going on he loves to go outside and play with his pitchback--a net on a frame with some spring to it, the ball bounces back to you when you throw it. He is always getting into things and making messes but he's a curioius little boy, what more can I expect? He is still my little cuddle bug though, and I cherish it every minute I get, who knows how long that will last? He is very helpful and wanting to assist with whatever we happen to be doing. The other day I was pulling weeds in one of my gardens and he was insistant on helping, which was fine, until I discoverd some stinging nettle.... The other day I heard the water running and assumed he was playing in it again, I was ready to be upset until I went in to the kitchen and asked him what he was doing. His reply was simple. "I'm doing the dishes." How can you be mad at that????

Yes, I guess I'm bragging about my kids, but hey, isn't that every mom's job?


irmaJ said...

Welcome to BLOGville!!! How exciting! You are welcome to come visit mine as well. irmaj is the name of mine.

samiam said...

Welcome to the Dark Side!! haha It will suck you in and never let go... in a good way. =)