Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love cartoons!

I was checking out one of my friends blogs, , digging way deep and catching up when I stumbled on one about her favorite cartoons from childhood, and it reminded me of something...

Ben is always teasing me because the kids will be watching tv and I'll sit down to do something and somehow I end up completely involved in whatever cartoon happens to be on. And just to be fair, it's not just cartoons, anything on the Disney Chanel is fair game! I end up looking just like the kids, eyes glazed over, tranfixed on whatever show, or let's throw it all out, even commercial that happens to be on. Anything that I had been doing goes out the window and I will end up sitting there with my kids watching tv for hours.

Am I the only one? Apparently Ben hasn't seen this amazing feat before because all he does is make comments and laugh at me.

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honestabe said...

I am quite familiar with the Mickey Mouse Club, Handy Andy, Little Einsteins and Doodle Bops. This is a must when Hailey spends that night aside from the fact I have been to Disneyland a half dozen times and Disney World the same amount.