Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One very helpful tip...

At least I thought it would be.

If you were to ever have a hamster, and your son were to ever take one of the attachments out and leave an opening in the cage say, overnight and not tell you until the next day, what would you do???

Well, it you ever run into the problem I can tell you one thing, don't go looking all over the house. If a hampster wants to hide, and it does, especially from someting that's 400 times it's size (that's a rough estimate), you're not going to find it. Not to mention everything else it wants to hide from like, children that like to play with it, dogs that would love to sniff it and who knows what else, vacuum cleaners, bouncing basketballs, remote control helicopters, and running feet, all more than enough to frighten the bravest of rodents to cowering in some unknown dark hidey-hole.

My suggestion is to put it's cage, where it knows that it has food, water, and a nice comfy, safe bed, on the floor with the door open. Hopefully your hamster would get scared of being out in the big bad world and want to be in its own little house.

At least that's what mine did. And we were fortunate enough to have someone come home while Maxie was fast asleep in his cozy cage after his big adventure in the human world.

Wow, sorta sounds like something from Fraggle Rock. (Which I just recently purchased the fist season of so I could share it my kids)


irmaJ said...

It's hard to imagine what that poor thing might feel like being limited to the little cage and then out there fending for himself under rolled up socks and dirty underware! Although, if your kids are like mine, they loved to hide food in their room and leave the dish in there until it was all crusty! That would be your little critter's delight if found while he was out roaming! Who knows what he would discover. He may have just had the most woderful vacation.

samiam said...

Ewwww I have issues with rodents! I guess that a hamster wouldn't be so bag, he is lucky nobody stomped on his little butt!!!

Cole said...

Oh, funny little tid bit. Tyler started of with two hampsters. One has already been buried out back. The day maxie was out, Ty said to me with tears in his eyes, "That was our last hampster." Funny, there were no tears in my eyes, but I did say to Ben that the hampster better not die in one of my shoes!

Misty said...

nice! and...i love fraggle rock