Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend was an amaaaaaaaazing sun-filled weekend, of which I have no pictures to prove there was no rain. Not that I didn't take pictures. I started to. My camera died. I think I died a little when it happened. Maybe a lot.

We piled everything into the car and of course had to make a stop or two on our way out of town. At one I basically ripped my finger nail off my poor little pinkie. Back on the road Ben and I had fun pointing at things out the window that the kids couldn't see since we had a cooler and pillows and sleeping bags piled high. I might have laughed inside a little every time they said "where?" Okay maybe that was just me and not so much Ben, but he did a lot of pointing to not enjoy it a little....

It being a holiday weekend we were ready to drive from campground to campground looking for a decent, open spot. The spot right next to the pit toilet and dumpster, not so perfect. As we pull into Staircase all of the on the river pull in spots were taken, we drove around the loop and then went to check out the walk in sites. So there it was, the best spot ever! Right on the river with a great little "beach" on the river bend. We moved in. I wish we were still there.

Ben unloaded the bikes and the kids were off while the two of us set up camp. Once everything was out and put away we were out and about. We took the kids down trail for a little peek at the future days and then back to camp to start dinner. Later after dinner Ty and Ben were throwing a football. I went over to take pictures and then set down my camera to throw a bit with them. And then out of nowhere comes this pissed off random hornet (I'm guessing since I never saw it) flies on up to me and stings me on the leg. What the heck!!!!!!

Smores. Oh the smores that the we devoured. Marshmallows and fudge stripe cookies. SO the way to go! Ben and I were MMMMMing all weekend long over that one!

The next day we went on a mile in-mile out hike. The kids did great! There were so many things to look at and take pictures of, which I did, Until my camera died. I was clicking away happily then went to go take more pictures then it happened. I tried to turn on my camera and nothing. It's dead. So dead. So completely dead. So utterly, completely, never going to breathe again dead. Thank goodness for the American Express Well, at least I could put it away and sort of enjoy may camera free hike. Who am I kidding. I'm still going through the grieving process. I won't quite be the same until I get mine back or the replacement check.......

Oh yeah, the hike. Madison and Ty rocked it! Then it was back to camp for a lazy, lazy after noon filled with lounging, sunshine, and reading, at least for me. The kids played for hours on the side and in the river. Ben made lunch and even roasted my hot dogs for me and brought them to me on the river edge. Oh the sunshine I baked in. The glorious tan that I worked on. Ben's parents came on up for a visit and had dinner with us. Then we had to make his Dad a smore or two.

The next day, we were off for another hike. With sandwiches packed we planed on having an adventure. All you Land Before Time fanatics join in with me now.......it's time to go adventuring, adventuring, adventuring, I want to go adventuring, adventuring with you! Yes, I sang it out loud and in my head as we were climbing over logs. It was a long, fun, sunshiny hike. It even included a few river crossings including me and Ty going for an unintentional dip in the river.

It was nice to get back to camp and relax and settle in for some steak and potatoes. It was pretty yummy after the trek we had been on. Then we went to a presentation by one of the rangers. He was actually pretty good. More sitting around the fire followed. I love fires. Not so much the smoke which seems to love me.

The next morning, sadly it was time to go home. Once again the kids were off enjoying some bike time while Ben and I broke camp.

It was an awesome way to spend our Fourth of July weekend. Family, fire, trees, hiking, food, fun, and good times and memories.

I can't wait for the next camping weekend!

Maybe someday I'll have pictures to show for all of our fun......


Brits said...

I LOVE staircase!

samiam said...

Camping and great weather ROCKS!!

MiaKatia said...

I am a little iffy about camping in general. But it sounds like your trip was fantastic... except for that part where you died a little bit.