Monday, July 13, 2009

Mmm Breakfast

Oatmeal with chocolate chips in it. Yum! I just felt right this morning. It came to me as I was walking up the stairs.

It was pretty yummy when I first put the chips in and they instantly got nice and gooey. But now at the end after some scooping and stirring......It's all chocolaty everywhere! I think I need another helping.

Except maybe just a slightly bigger helping of chocolate this time....... :)


Kristina P. said...

Why didn't I ever think about adding chocolate chips to oatmeal?!?!

MiaKatia said...

You are crazy~ but in a very good way ;)

Parri said...

Okay Nicole I have a chocolate chip creation for you to try. It is my favorite thing to eat for lunch. Peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich. There are two ways you can prepare it, regular or toasted. Both delish. On the toasted sandwich the peanut butter and chocolate melt together. Goes great with a huge glass of milk. Let me know what you think.

Suzanne said...

Mmmmm. My kind of girl!