Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mess well done!

No really, the kid sitting in this high chair was wearing a bib....And no he didn't "get sick", that is uneaten spaghetti on the floor. Man I wish I had a camera with a flash on me that night so you could see under the table....

I did wait until the father and two children left before I snapped the picture, my husband made me. When we were being seated it was actually by one of the managers of our favorite restaurant and he said to my kids, "I bet you can't make a mess that big." Silly man, have you met my kids. They could make Ripley's in a heartbeat when it comes to messes. I told him so.

Tyler tried, his full cup of ginger ale? It ended up in my lap as well as Madison's.


samiam said...

I hope they left a big tip!

devri said...

OH! you have never seen my kids in action obviously!