Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I would like to highlight one AMAZING thing I have to be thankful for.


Yes, My Husband. I love him. He is so understanding, forgiving, caring, loving, tolerant, humble, compassionate, grounded, worthy, devoted, did I mention forgiving? He's a hard worker. And along with that he's been VERY absent from our home lately due to work, he's been home off and on, mostly off with brief visits, for the past three months. I LOVE when Ben is home, he is such a great help and he is such an important fixture in our house. He does so much for me. He does so much for the kids. He does so much for my parents and grand parents. He does so much for "his family (and when I say that I mean "my" family too). He does so little for himself. He deserves SO MUCH. So many things that I wish I could give him. For now all I have to offer is me, and my companionship, appreciation, gratitude, affection, adoration, friendship, my best-friendship, devotion, and my LOVE. I love you honey. For Eternity. Always remember that. Especially when 'm not necessarily giving 100%, let me apologize for that now. You will ALWAYS be my true love. You will always have my heart, my life, my world.

I love you!


devri said...

That is so great.. He seems like a wonderful man!!

Tiffany said...

Aaaahhhhhh! You're so lucky!!

MiaKatia said...

What a sweet post! Hubbys are the best.

irmaJ said...

Yeah for the shout-out for Ben! That's what a NORMAL husband should be.... good for him. Wish more were like that. Those of us who have husbands like that should be very thankful!!!