Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Battle of the Oak

Last night on the menu for dinner:

Roast with gravy, from Costco

Baked Mac n' Cheese, from Target

Green Beans, picked 30 minutes prior form the garden and steamed

Then there was this boy:

And a table:

(this one is more along the lines of my *next* table)

And 3.5 hours!!!

The boy would not eat his green beans. He went back for seconds on meat. He wasn't full, just picky. That doesn't fly at my house. There were tears. There were pleas.

It didn't work.

He sat. Until the beans were gone.

It took him 5 minutes to eat those beans once I leaned against the wall and started the out loud mantra of "Put one in your mouth." "Put one in your mouth." "Put one in your mouth."

5 Minutes! After waiting for 3.5 hours!

Maybe we need to work on math skills.

(p.s. I so won.)


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on winning!

Stephanie Faris said...

Ahhhh parenthood! My boyfriend will ask his daughter, "What do you want for breakfast?" Of course we only have her every other weekend but I'm always saying, "When I was a kid, it wasn't 'What do you want for breakfast?' It was, 'Here's breakfast. Eat.'" This isn't a democracy! But she's not my daughter so I keep my mouth shut. I suppose garlic butter noodles for breakfast every other weekend won't kill her since her mom's a health nut!

samiam said...

Oh dear, sounds like a long night. At least you won. =)
So the roast beef from Costco, is is the premade one and you can microwave it? We got it and I was a little scared of it but it actually was REALLY good!!

Raheel said...

great sharing